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  1. Darmstadt, city, Hessen Land (state), south-central Germany. It is situated on a gently sloping plain between the Odenwald (a forested plateau) and the Rhine River, south of Frankfurt am Main and southeast of Mainz. First mentioned in the 11th century, Darmstadt was by the 14th century a small village held by the counts of Katzenelnbogen. Chartered in 1330, it was deeded to the landgraves of ...

  2. Hesse-Darmstadt, German Hessen-darmstadt, former landgraviate, grand duchy, and state of Germany. It was formed in 1567 in the division of old Hesse; after Hesse-Kassel was absorbed by Prussia in 1866, Hesse-Darmstadt was usually known simply as Hesse. Hesse-Darmstadt was originally only the small territory of Upper Katzenelnbogen with Darmstadt, being situated in what is now the extreme ...

  3. The Darmstadt History lasts back to many centuries. The History of Darmstadt has many interesting and brave stories for the future generations. Visit to know about the historic Darmstadt Information.

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    The Bachelor of Arts programme in the special form of Joint Bachelor of Arts in Subjects X and Y allows to combine two different subjects/components. The component History consists of Ancient History, Medieval History, Recent/Contemporary History and History of Technology. Modules from the aforementioned areas are added in the two elective ...

  5. Pictured above: Ludwig I- First Grand Duke of Hesse-Darmstadt I. A Brief Introduction. The Grand Duchy of Hesse-Darmstadt (it would be more properly termed the Grand Duchy of Hesse but the former title will be used throughout this history to avoid confusion with the elector state of Hesse-Kassel) rose out of the ashes of the Holy Roman Empire in 1806.

  6. 24/02/2021 · fromClaudia Kabel shut down World wars, Spanish flu and the Roaring Twenties: The former head of the Darmstadt bed house Dieter Heymann wrote down the history of his family and related it to the present. In 1995, while clearing out his parents’ apartment, Dieter Heymann discovered a folder with A4 envelopes that were described as […]

  7. Darmstadt is not only located in the FrankfurtRhineMain region, but is also the gateway to the Bergstrasse and the Odenwald. The region offers diverse landscapes, historical and modern architecture, exciting history, regional delicacies and much more.