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  1. 02/03/2022 · During this period of “Old Imperialism,” the European nations explored the New World seeking trade routes to the Far East and—often violently—establishing settlements in North and South America as well as in Southeast Asia. It was during this period that some of imperialism’s worst human atrocities took place.

  2. 21/09/2022 · German Chancellor Olaf Scholz called Russia's invasion of Ukraine an act of "imperialism plain and simple" at the UN General Assembly in New York City on Tuesday.. Scholz harshly criticized Russia ...

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    An immense expansion of democracy, which, for the first time, becomes democracy for the poor, democracy for the people, and not democracy for the rich ... and suppression by force, i.e. exclusion from democracy, for the exploiters and oppressors of the people—this is the change which democracy undergoes during the 'transition' from capitalism to communism.

  4. 29/08/2022 · Paris should deal with its own colonial past instead of accusing other nations, Ankara said. Statements French President Emmanuel Macron made this week during a visit to Algeria demonstrate not just the fact that France had apparently failed to face its own colonial past but also his own "distorted mentality," the Turkish Foreign Ministry said in a damning statement over the weekend.

  5. 23/07/2018 · There is some debate as to when American Imperialism started, but its height was likely from the late 1800s through approximately the 1950s. One of the things that motivated American Imperialism is economic. During that time, the US was already gaining industrial power, which means that they were trying to find new markets to sell their goods.

  6. As Papua and New Guinea (AU) Guam: Ōmiya-tō (大宮島) January 6, 1942 – October 24, 1945: from Guam (US) South Seas Mandate: Nan'yō Guntō (南洋群島) 1919–1945: 129,000: from German Empire: Nauru: Nauru (ナウル) August 26, 1942 – September 13, 1945: 3,000: Occupied from the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand Wake Island, US

  7. 11/10/2020 · The second wave of colonial expansion began during the 19th century, centering around the African continent. In what is called the Scramble for Africa, European nations such as Britain, France ...