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    Olga Rudge (April 13, 1895 – March 15, 1996) was an American-born concert violinist, now mainly remembered as the long-time mistress of the poet Ezra Pound, by whom she had a daughter, Mary. A gifted [1] concert violinist of international repute, her considerable talents [2] and reputation were eventually eclipsed by those of her lover, in whose shade she appeared content to remain.

  2. Written during the Italian winter of 1930, The Blue Spill is an unfinished detective novel written by Ezra Pound – the leading figure of modernist poetry in the 20th century – and his long-time companion Olga Rudge. Published for the first time in this authoritative critical edition, the novel reflects both Rudge's and Pound's voracious reading of ...

  3. 10 de ene. de 2019 · Ezra Pound (1885-1972) was one of the most influential poets of the 20th century and perhaps the key figure in defining and promoting Anglo-American poetic modernism. The Cantos - an epic poem...

  4. Olga Rudge’s commitment to the poet may be viewed as the sacrifice of her considerable talents on the altar of his genius, since Pound incorpo-rated the persona of the ‘‘trim-coi√ed goddess’’ into his early Cantos, and Olga was the muse who inspired him to finish his epic work.

  5. 15 de mar. de 1996 · Pound's health deteriorated, and in 1962 he joined Olga Rudge permanently after almost a year in a clinic at Martinsbrunn. For the next ten years Rudge cared for Pound, arranging his schedule and dealing with the increasing numbers of scholars and admirers who wanted contact with him.

    • April 13, 1895
    • March 15, 1996
  6. Ezra Pound's and Olga Rudge's the Blue Spill: A Manuscript Critical Edition : Pound, Ezra, Rudge, Olga, Byron, Mark, Tucker, David, Barnes, Sophia, Tonning, Erik, Feldman, Matthew: Libros

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