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  1. settlement definition: 1. an official agreement that finishes an argument: 2. an arrangement to end a disagreement…. Learn more.

  2. contract definition: 1. a legal document that states and explains a formal agreement between two different people or…. Learn more.

  3. All of the parties are required to sign a memorandum of understanding to show they comprehend the agreement. Tutte le parti devono firmare un memorandum d'intesa per dimostrare di aver compreso l'accordo. MOU, MoU n: abbreviation (memorandum of understanding) memorandum d'intesa nm: mutual understanding n (shared agreement) intesa reciproca nf

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    Iver; Iver's three similar settlements form a jointly administered community. Footpaths run to the Colne Valley regional park, the train station and branch into the Chiltern Hills, London and the London Loop.

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    First, Shylock has to sign an agreement bequeathing all his remaining property to Lorenzo and Jessica, which is to become effective after his demise, and second, he is to immediately convert to Christianity. Shylock is forced to agree to these terms, and he exits citing illness. Historical background

  6. Synonyms for determination include resolution, resolve, perseverance, persistence, resoluteness, backbone, single-mindedness, tenacity, courage and decision. Find ...

  7. Synonyms for understanding include comprehension, grasp, apprehension, awareness, apperception, appreciation, discernment, grip, insight and realisation. Find more ...