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  1. The kingdom was ruled by the House of Hanover, a cadet branch of the House of Welf, in personal union with Great Britain since 1714. Since its monarch resided in London, a viceroy, usually a younger member of the British royal family, handled the administration of the Kingdom of Hanover.

  2. El Reino de Hannover (en alemán, Königreich Hannover) fue una entidad soberana situada en la parte septentrional de Alemania durante la mitad del siglo xix. Su centro fue la ciudad de Hannover, cuya denominación adoptó. Índice 1 Historia 1.1 Orígenes 1.2 Restauración y creación del Reino 1.3 Periodo de unión personal con Gran Bretaña

  3. The House of Hanover (German: Haus Hannover), whose members are known as Hanoverians, is a European royal house of German origin that ruled Hanover, Great Britain, and Ireland at various times during the 17th to 20th centuries.

  4. 1 de dic. de 2009 · Issue Section: The study of the relationship between Britain and Hanover has undergone a marked renaissance in recent years. Work has been published on both the early and later eighteenth century that stresses the importance of the Hanoverian relationship for British politics. Nick Harding has added to the burgeoning literature with an account ...

    • Andrew C. Thompson
    • 2009
  5. The only way Hannover remains under British hands is under assimilation. I mean, United Kingdom should use the century and more they ruled Hannover, to make it more British than German. Sending British settlers, ending the Salic Law, transforming Hannoverian laws and make them more similar to Britain and disenfranchise it from the ...