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  1. S.E. HINTON CHAPTER FOUR VOCABULARY: • Apprehensive • Defiance • Contemptuous • Sheepish • Premonition • Bewildering QUESTIONS: 1) Who came to the park looking for Ponyboy and Johnny? 2) Describe what the Socs tried to do to Ponyboy. What did Johnny do to stop them? 3) Who did Johnny and Ponyboy go to for help? What advice did he ...

  2. Il existe quatre cubes et six arêtes qui se rencontrent à chaque sommet. Au total, il est constitué de 8 cubes, 24 carrés, 32 arêtes et 16 sommets. Puisque chaque sommet d'un tesseract est adjacent à quatre arêtes, la figure de sommet d'un tesseract est un tétraèdre régulier.

  3. In 1880, Charles Howard Hinton popularized these insights in an essay titled "What is the Fourth Dimension?", which explained the concept of a "four-dimensional cube" with a step-by-step generalization of the properties of lines, squares, and cubes. The simplest form of Hinton's method is to draw two ordinary 3D cubes in 2D space, one ...

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    Each pair of non-parallel hyperplanes intersects to form 24 square faces in a tesseract. Three cubes and three squares intersect at each edge. There are four cubes, six squares, and four edges meeting at every vertex. All in all, it consists of 8 cubes, 24 squares, 32 edges, and 16 vertices. Net. An unfolding of a polytope is called a net.

  6. Js13kGames is a JavaScript coding competition for HTML5 game developers. The fun part of the compo is the file size limit set to 13 kilobytes.

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