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  1. ill adj (person: sick) enfermo/a adj (coloquial) malo/a adj : Dan was so ill that he needed to go to the hospital. Dan estaba tan enfermo que necesitaba ir al hospital. ill adj (effects: harmful) dañino/a adj : malo/a adj : The medication has a label on it that warns of ill effects. El medicamento tiene una etiqueta que advierte sobre los efectos dañinos. ill adv

  2. ill significado, definición, qué es ill: 1. not feeling well, or suffering from a disease: 2. bad: 3. good; impressive: . Saber más.

  3. to become unwell. enfermar. Joel was taken ill in the middle of the night. Joel enfermó en medio de la noche. [ always before n ] bad. malo/la [ masculine-feminine ] ill health mala salud. the ill effects of drinking too much los malos efectos de beber demasiado.

  4. Ill and sick are both adjectives that mean ‘not in good health’. We use both ill and sick after a verb such as be, become, feel, look or seem: I was ill for a time last year, but I’m fine now. Nancy looks ill. I wonder what’s wrong with her. I felt sick and had to go home at lunchtime.

  5. ill (también: diseased, sick, unwell, poorly) volume_up. enfermo {adj. m} more_vert. Patrick Kelly is gravely ill and his health continues to deteriorate. expand_more Patrick Kelly está gravemente enfermo y su salud sigue empeorando. ill (también: sick) volume_up. enferma {adj. f}

  6. 1. ( usually postpositive) not in good health; sick. 2. characterized by or intending evil, harm, etc; hostile: ill deeds. 3. causing or resulting in pain, harm, adversity, etc: ill effects. 4. ascribing or imputing evil to something referred to: ill repute.

  7. ill- Significado ill-: 1. in a way that is bad or not suitable: 2. not feeling well, or suffering from a disease: 3…. Aprender más. Diccionario. Traductor. Gramática.