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  1. illegitimate」の意味・翻訳・日本語 - 規則に認められていない、違法の、私生の、嫡出(ちやくしゆつ)でない、庶出の、非論理的な、誤った推論による、誤用の、(生理学的に)異常な|Weblio英和・和英辞書

  2. The meaning of SPURIOUS is born to parents not married to each other. ... we still use spurious to mean "illegitimate," but the more common meaning is "false" ...

  3. 03/10/2017 · As an absolute or a priori claim, anarchism holds that all states always and everywhere are illegitimate and unjust. The term “ a priori anarchism” is found in Simmons 2001; but it is employed already by Kropotkin in his influential 1910 article on anarchism, where he claims that anarchists are not utopians who argue against the state in a priori fashion (Kropotkin 1927 [2002: 285]).

  4. 20/05/2022 · Former president Jimmy Carter deemed the U.S. as having become “an oligarchy with unlimited political bribery” in the aftermath of the Supreme Court’s 2014 decision to strike down limits on campaign contributions, and the wielding of illegitimate authority within our political system has only grown more extreme in the eight years that have passed since then.

  5. Sociologists see anomie as a primary driver of crime (Bernburg, 2002), and this has been so for several decades. Merton’s strain theory of adaptation to anomie and illegitimate means dominated sociological research in crime during the 1950s and 60s, but many sociologists came to criticize this theory (Hirschi, 1969).

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    Shitao or Shi Tao (simplified Chinese: 石涛; traditional Chinese: 石濤; pinyin: Shí Tāo; Wade–Giles: Shih-t'ao; other department Yuan Ji (Chinese: 原濟; Chinese: 原济; pinyin: Yuán Jì), 1642–1707), born into the Ming dynasty imperial clan as Zhu Ruoji (朱若極), was a Chinese Buddhist monk, calligrapher, and landscape painter during the early Qing dynasty.

  7. For many years in England, a Catholic or non-conformist marriage had no meaning. The couple also had to be married in the Anglican Church. Also, in England if a man married his deceased wife's sister, the marriage was not considered valid and the children were illegitimate. How to Recognize a "Bastard" in The Records