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  1. Jorge IV del Reino Unido ( Londres, 12 de agosto de 1762 - Windsor, 26 de junio de 1830) fue rey del Reino Unido y de Hannover, desde el 29 de enero de 1820 hasta su muerte. Anteriormente había servido como príncipe regente cuando su padre, Jorge III, sufrió una permanente recaída de locura a causa de la porfiria que padecía.

    • Su Majestad
    • Jorge III
    • Jorge Augusto Federico (en inglés, George Augustus Frederick)
    • Guillermo IV
  2. Jorge IV Rey de Gran Bretaña e Irlanda (1820-1830) y rey de Hannover (1820-1830) Nació el 12 de agosto de 1762 en Londres. Hijo mayor del rey Jorge III. Mientras fue príncipe de Gales adquirió mala reputación por su costumbres libertinas y extravagantes. En 1785 contrajo matrimonio en secreto con una mujer católica, Marie Anne Fitzherbert.

  3. Jorge IV del Reino Unido Jorge IV de Hannover (12 de agosto de 1762-26 de junio de 1830) fue rey del Reino Unido de Gran Bretaña e Irlanda y Rey de Hannover desde el 29 de enero de 1820. Hijo de Jorge III y Carlota de Mecklemburgo-Strelitz, había servido previamente como príncipe regente debido a la locura de su padre.

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    Jorge IV. (Jorge IV del Reino Unido, Jorge Augusto Federico). Rey del Reino Unido y de Hannover. Duque de Brunswick-Lüneburg. Considerado un monarca terco, su orientación política fue netamente conservadora. Mientras fue príncipe de Gales adquirió mala reputación por sus costumbres libertinas y extravagantes.

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    • Early Life
    • Regency Crisis of 1788
    • Marriage and Mistresses
    • Regency
    • Reign
    • Declining Health and Death
    • Legacy
    • Titles, Styles, Honours, and Arms
    • References and Further Reading

    George was born at St James's Palace, London, on 12 August 1762, the first child of King George III and Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz. As the eldest son of a British sovereign, he automatically became Duke of Cornwall and Duke of Rothesay at birth; he was created Prince of Wales and Earl of Chester a few days later. On 18 September of the same ...

    In the summer of 1788 the King's mental health deteriorated, possibly as the result of the hereditary disease porphyria. He was nonetheless able to discharge some of his duties and to declare Parliament prorogued from 25 September to 20 November. During the prorogation he became deranged, posing a threat to his own life, and when Parliament reconve...

    The Prince of Wales's debts continued to climb, and his father refused to aid him unless he married his cousin Princess Caroline of Brunswick. In 1795, the prince acquiesced; and they were married on 8 April 1795 at the Chapel Royal, St James's Palace. The marriage, however, was disastrous; each party was unsuited to the other. The two were formall...

    In late 1810, the King's mental health once again broke down, following the death of his youngest daughter, Princess Amelia. Parliament agreed to follow the precedent of 1788; without the King's consent, the Lord Chancellor affixed the Great Seal of the Realm to letters patent naming Lords Commissioners. The letters patent lacked the Royal Sign Man...

    When George III died in 1820, the Prince Regent, then aged 57, ascended the throne as George IV, with no real change in his powers. By the time of his accession, he was obese and possibly addicted to laudanum. George IV's relationship with his wife Caroline had deteriorated by the time of his accession. They had lived separately since 1796, and bot...

    George's heavy drinking and indulgent lifestyle had taken their toll on his health by the late 1820s. While still Prince of Wales, he had become obese through his huge banquets and copious consumption of alcohol, making him the target of ridicule on the rare occasions that he appeared in public; by 1797 his weight had reached 17 stone 7 pounds (111...

    George's only legitimate child, Charlotte, had died from post-partum complications in 1817, after delivering a stillborn son. George III's second son, Prince Frederick, Duke of York and Albany, had died childless in 1827, so the throne passed to the third son of George III, Prince William, Duke of Clarence, who reigned as William IV. George was des...

    Titles and styles

    1. 12 August 1762 – 19 August 1762: His Royal HighnessThe Duke of Cornwall 2. 19 August 1762 – 5 February 1811: His Royal HighnessThe Prince of Wales 3. 5 February 1811 – 29 January 1820: His Royal HighnessThe Prince Regent 4. 29 January 1820 – 26 June 1830: His MajestyThe King At birth, he was also entitled to the dignities Prince of Great Britain and Ireland, Electoral Prince of Brunswick-Lüneburg and Duke of Rothesay.Under the Act of Parliament that instituted the regency, the prince's for...


    George's coat of arms as the Prince of Wales was the royal arms (with an inescutcheon of Gules plain in the Hanoverian quarter), differenced by a label of three points Argent. The arms included the royal crest and supporters but with the single arched coronet of his rank, all charged on the shoulder with a similar label. His arms followed the change in the royal arms in 1801, when the Hanoverian quarter became an inescutcheon and the French quarter was dropped altogether.The 1816 alteration d...

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  6. Sinopsis: Jorge IV fue rey del Reino Unido. Hijo de Jorge III del Reino Unido y de Carlota de Mecklemburgo-Strelitz, reinó durante el periodo comprendido entre 1820 y 1830. Ocupó el cargo de regente durante los últimos años del reinado de su padre debido a sus problemas de salud mental Durante la regencia derrotó a las tropas napoleónicas en Europa

  7. 07/09/2021 · biografía • El Rey Crepuscular Jorge, Príncipe de Gales, nació en Londres el 12 de agosto de 1762. Biografía de Jorge IV del Reino Unido | 1xmatch Biografía de George IV del Reino Unido Últimas noticias de fútbol ☝ Estadísticas detalladas de partidos ️ Mejores goles, análisis de juegos, apuestas de partidos | 1xmatch