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  1. 16 de oct. de 2013 · So, while Kathy Bates was quite terrifying even just one episode into American Horror Story: Coven, the true horror is that those Mengeleian experiments might have been real.

    • Who Was The Real Delphine Lalaurie
    • How The Real Delphine Lalaurie Inspired Ryan Murphy
    • What Kathy Bates Said About Playing Madame Delphine Lalaurie

    Coven’s Delphine LaLaurie, played by Oscar-winner Kathy Bates, actually was a 19th-century New Orleans serial killer who was infamous for brutally torturing her slaves, going far beyond the already permitted inhumane cruelties within the Code Noir. For the most part, American Horror Story was accurate with the historyof LaLaurie being a wealthy New...

    In Coven’s background on Laveau and Delphine LaLaurie, an angry mob of black citizens in New Orleans stormed the LaLaurie mansion in revenge of her cruelties, specifically on Laveau’s lover who turned into AHS season 3's Minotaur, where they captured Delphine and expelled her to immortality buried under the street. In reality, the mob was full of N...

    Delphine LaLaurie was a truly horrific figure who committed countless atrocities against people of color. Somehow, Oscar-winning actress Kathy Bates was able to bring LaLaurie to life, and at times, humanize the figure. This is no easy feat considering the crimes that LaLaurie committed, but her arc on American Horror Story: Coven was played out in...

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  2. La actriz ganadora del Oscar, Kathy Bates, también ha sido reclutada para co estelarizar en la tercera temporada. Interpretará a una mujer, que al principio, es la mejor amiga del personaje de Lange, pero que se convertirá en su peor enemiga. [25]

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  3. Kathy Bates co-starred as Delphine LaLaurie, an evil woman from the past who tortures her slaves. Murphy stated that Bates' character would be "five times worse than [her] Misery character" and is also inspired by a "true event."

  4. Kathy Bates stars as Madame Delphine LaLaurie in the third installment of American Horror Story: Coven.

  5. Apocalypse. Coven. Madame Delphine LaLaurie is a once wealthy socialite known throughout New Orleans, later discovered to be a nefarious serial killer who tortured and murdered her black slaves. She is a character in American Horror Story portrayed by Kathy Bates .

  6. 13 de ago. de 2013 · Kathy Bates and Angela Bassett Talk AMERICAN HORROR STORY: COVEN, the Women They Play, and the Influence of Jessica Lange. AHS: COVEN airs on FX.