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  1. Hace 10 horas · Beast (Dr. Henry Philip "Hank" McCoy) is a superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics and is a founding member of the X-Men.Originally called "The Beast", the character was introduced as a mutant possessing ape-like superhuman physical strength and agility, oversized hands and feet, a genius-level intellect, and otherwise normal appearance and speech.

  2. Hace 10 horas · "Franklin Richards's Counter-Earth": The third Counter-Earth was created by Franklin Richards in the transition from the Onslaught storyline to the Heroes Reborn event. As Franklin watched the Fantastic Four, Avengers and others sacrifice their lives to defeat Onslaught, he unwittingly tapped into his latent cosmic power to create a pocket universe and divert the heroes there to prevent their ...

  3. Hace 10 horas · RELIGIOUS HISTORY. A church was founded in Henley presumably at or before the laying out of the planned town. By c. 1200 it had its own rector and endowment, and apparently exercised full parochial rights. By the mid 13th century it was also the centre of the surrounding rural deanery. The benefice remained a rectory, and in the late 20th ...

  4. Hace 10 horas · gpt3]Summarize this content to 100 words: Summary The 1980s saw the birth of cyberpunk movies like Blade Runner, showcasing the "high-tech, low life" essence of the subgenre. Films like Tron and The Terminator offer deep looks into technology and humanity, making them iconic cyberpunk masterpieces. Rewatching cyberpunk classics such as RoboCop and Videodrome unveils hidden societal critiques ...

  5. Hace 10 horas · Grundy High School’s Keyston Hartford finished second in the boy’s 3200 meter finals at the 2024 Virginia High School League Class 1 state track and field championships, held on May 31, 2024, and June 1, 2024, at James Madison University in Harrisonburg Virginia.

  6. Hace 10 horas · The rate at which the batter gets a hit when he puts the ball in play. The calculation for BABIP is (H-HR)/(AB-K-HR+SF). League average is typically .300.

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    Hace 10 horas · A witch-hunt, or a witch purge, is a search for people who have been labeled witches or a search for evidence of witchcraft. Practicing evil spells or incantations was proscribed and punishable in early human civilizations in the Middle East. In medieval Europe, witch-hunts often arose in connection to charges of heresy from Christianity.