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  1. "Kirche" means "Church" in German. Kirche is named after Sophia Augusta Fredericka von Anhalt-Zerbst, also known as Catherine the Great, Empress of Russia. Her favorite food is Baked Bird of Paradise. She hates rain and Louise, previously. Her hobby is solving jigsaw puzzles and she has a special skill in playing the harp. Quotes

    • The Familiar of Zero Episode 1
    • Nanako Inoue
    • Lauren Landa
    • Zero no Tsukaima Chapter 1
  2. Kirche Augusta Frederica von Anhalt Zerbst es una maga de fuego y su apodo es "Kirche la Ardiente" y, supuestamente, después de que Saito derrotara a Guiche, "Kirche la Pasión". A menudo se implica en el anime que tiene la costumbre de elegir (y dormir con) sus novios con un horario fijo, sin embargo, cuando conoce a Saito, su hábito podría haber cambiado a causa de él.

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    Kirche Augusta Frederica von Anhalt Zerbst (キュルケ・オーガスタ・フレデリカ·ヴォン·アンハルト・ツェルプスト, Kyuruke Ōgasuta Furederika von Anharuto Tsērupusuto) is one of the supporting characters of the series, The Familiar of Zero.

    Kirche is a tall, young woman with long, red hair and brownish-gold eyes. On her neck lays a gold necklace-like ring and wears a black cloak pinned into a pin with the symbol of the academy. She wears a white, fitted, long-sleeved blouse, which leaves her large bust exposed. She wore black, short skirt and a pair of long, gold boots which reaches h...

    Kirche has a flirtatious personality which she uses to seduce men. She tries her best to get the attention of her latest victim, for example, Saito, who was bought a cheap sword by Louise, was purchased another but more luxurious sword by Kirche. Aside from bullying Louise, Kirche also seemed to be euphemistic or softened of her, yet only in perilo...

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    Kirche von Anhalt-Zerbst ♀ Fire mage Kirche Augusta Fredericka (Kirche Auguste Friederike von Anhalt-Zerbst) is a supporting character in The Familiar of Zero.

    Kirche was born to the Germanian noble family House of Anhalt-Zerbst.

    Kirche was enrolled in a school of magic in Vindobona, the capital of Germania, but dropped out. When her parents planned to marry her to an old marquis, she fled Germania and enrolled in the Tristanian Academy of Magic.

  3. › galerie › die-kirchen-in-zerbstDie Kirchen in Zerbst

    13/09/2007 · Die Kirchen in Zerbst Herrlich fügen sich die alten, sehenswerten Kirchen in das Stadtbild ein: Im Hintergrund Anhalts größte Hallenkirche St. Nikolai, eine gotische Hallenkirche (12. Jahrhundert), welche mächtig in Erscheinung tritt. In der Nähe zu St. Nikolai der Barockbau von St. Trinitatis (1682-96) außen wie innen sehr sehenswert und schön.

  4. Kirche St. Bartholomäi Zerbst, Foto: Heiko Rebsch. Im Kirchenkreis Zerbst leben derzeit rund 6.100 Gemeindeglieder in vier Städten (Coswig, Dessau-Roßlau – Stadtteil Roßlau, Lindau und Zerbst) und über 70 Dörfern. 64 Kirchengebäude befinden sich im Kirchenkreis. Die Pfarrämter Coswig, Zieko-Weiden und Roßlau bilden die Region Ost des Kirchenkreises.