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  1. 'Reign' Profile: Lord Bothwell Lord Bothwell Biographical Information Home Linlithgow Palace, Scotland (currently) Title Lord Bothwell Loyal Watchman Queen 's Bodyguard Religion Protestantism Status Unknown (presumed deceased) Portrayal Portrayed By Adam Croasdell Appearances Season (s) 4 First Appearance Playing with Fire (mentioned)

    • Season 4
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    • Historical Notes
    The real Bothwell was named James Hepburn, 4th Earl of Bothwell, born in 1534.
    Mary Beaton's aunt, Janet Beaton was mistress to Lord Bothwell, who become Mary Stuart's3rd husband.
    There was another Lord Bothwell but his name was John Ramsay, 1st Lord Bothwell and he died in 1513, at age 51. 48 years earlier. John Ramsay has a 'friendly' relationship with King James III of Sc...
    • 1534
    • James Hepburn
    • History's Lord Bothwell
    • 4 min
    • Childhood
    • Metting The Queen of France
    • Scotland
    • Lord Darnley's Murder
    • Abduction and Marriage to Queen Mary
    • Death
    • Notes

    He was the son of Patrick, Earl of Bothwell, and Agnes Sinclair. As Lord High Admiral of Scotland, Lord Bothwell sailed around Europe. During a visit to Copenhagen around 1559, he fell in love with Anna Throndsen. She was a Norwegian noblewoman whose father, Kristoffer Trondson, a famous Norwegian admiral, was serving as Danish Royal Consul. After ...

    Lord Bothwell appears to have met Mary, Queen of Scots when he visited the French Court in the autumn of 1560, after he left Anna Rustung in Flanders. He was kindly received by the Queen and her husband, King Francis II, and, as he himself put it: "The Queen recompensed me more liberally and honourably than I had deserved" — receiving 600 Crowns an...

    After Protestant Lords gained power following Mary de Guise's death and the return to Scotland of Mary, Queen of Scots, Bothwell appears to have been not much more than a troublesome Nobles at court. His open quarrel with the Earl of Arran and the Hamiltons, who accused him of intriguing against The Crown, caused some degree of anguish to the Queen...

    In February 1567, Bothwell was one of those accused of having murdered the Queen's husband, Lord Darnley. Darnley's father, Lord Lennox, and other relatives agitated for vengeance and upon his petition, the Privy Council began proceedings against Bothwell on 12 April 1567. Sir William Drury reported to Sir William Cecil, Secretary of State to Queen...

    The next Wednesday, Mary, Queen of Scots rode to the Estates of Parliament, with Lord Bothwell carrying the Sceptre, where the proceedings of Bothwell's trial were officially declared to be just according to the law of the land. On Saturday 19 April, eight bishops, nine earls, and seven Lords of Parliament put their signatures to what became known ...

    After fleeing Scotland at Carberry Hill, Lord Bothwell was arrested in Norway. Hw may have hoped to reach Denmark and raise an army with the support of Frederick II of Denmark to put Mary, Queen of Scots back on the throne. He was caught off the coast of Norway without proper papers, and was escorted to the port of Bergen. Anna Throndsen raised a c...

    Mary Beaton's aunt, Janet Beaton was mistress to Lord Bothwell, who become Mary Stuart's3rd husband.
    April 1567, the late David Rizzio's brother, Joseph Rizzio was accused and acquitted with Lord Bothwell of Lord Darnley'smurder.
    • 1534
    • James Hepburn
    • 14 April 1578
    • 2 min
  2. James Hepburn, 1st Duke of Orkney and 4th Earl of Bothwell, better known simply as Lord Bothwell, was a prominent Scottish nobleman. He was known for his marriage to Mary, Queen of Scots, as her third and final husband. He was accused of the murder of Mary's second husband, Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley, a charge of which he was acquitted. His marriage to Mary was controversial and divided the country; when he fled the growing rebellion to Norway, he was arrested and lived the rest ...

    • Fårevejle Church, Odsherred, Denmark
    • 15 May 1567 – 24 July 1567
  3. 25/11/2022 · The reign of Mary Mary returned to Scotland in 1561 after the death of Francois. She married twice more and was implicated in the murder of her second husband, Lord Darnley. Civil war forced...

  4. Reign (TV Series 2013–2017) Adam Croasdell as Lord Bothwell. Menu. ... Adam Croasdell: Lord Bothwell. Showing all 4 items Jump to: Photos (4) Photos .