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  1. Dresden is located on or near the site of the Delaware (Native American) village of Wakatomika, which gave its name to Wakatomika Creek, the creek that empties into the Muskingum River near the northern edge of the village. This settlement was burned around 1774 during Lord Dunmore's War, opening the area for White settlement.

  2. La schiavitù negli Stati Uniti d'America fu un istituto previsto dalla allora vigente legislazione, durata per più di un secolo, da prima della nascita degli USA nel 1776, e continuata per lo più negli Stati del sud fino al passaggio del XIII emendamento della Costituzione degli Stati Uniti nel 1865 a seguito della guerra civile.

  3. Lady Dudley and Lord Ward were both succeeded by their son Edward, the seventh and second Baron, respectively. He was styled Lord Dudley and Ward. He was succeeded by his grandson, the eighth and third Baron. He was the son of William Ward. On Lord Dudley and Ward's early death the titles passed to his posthumous son, the ninth and fourth Baron.

  4. American colonists began to move into the western lands, provoking a series of wars that eventually pushed American Indians further west. The first of these was Lord Dunmore's War (1774), led by the forces of Virginia's Royal Governor John Murray, Earl of Dunmore.

  5. Lord Dunmore’s War ended soon after Virginia’s victory in the Battle of Point Pleasant in October 1774. Afterward, Lord Dunmore signed agreements with the Iroquois, which ceded the “hunting grounds” across the Ohio River, including Kentucky and West Virginia, to the British.

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    Lord Dunmore’s War (1774) Rohilla War (1774) American Revolution (1775–83) First Maratha War (1775–82) War of the Bavarian Succession (1778–79)

  7. 1774: Lord Dunmore's War–Anglo–American settlers ignore the Proclamation of 1763, which led to violent confrontations with American Indian groups in Ohio Country. Lord Dunmore, royal governor of Virginia, sends one thousand Virginia militiamen into West Virginia to attack the Shawnee in retaliation for a series of attacks led by Chief Cornstalk (Shawnee) and Chief Logan (Seneca–Cayuga).