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  1. Template:Infobox Person Margaret, Duchess of Argyll (born Ethel Margaret Whigham, 1 December 1912 – 25 July 1993), was a British society figure best remembered for her 1963 divorce case against her second husband, the 11th Duke of Argyll, which featured salacious photographs and scandalous stories; she had been debutante of the year. She was the only child of Helen Mann Hannay and George Hay ...

  2. 22/12/2021 · Who was Margaret the Duchess of Argyll? Margaret Campbell, born in 1912 to a Scottish millionaire, was a British socialite who frequented the 'best dressed' pages of many a magazine and was known for her vibrant, confident personality (which attracted many suitors) and her progressive attitude towards sex.

  3. 17/01/2022 · Margaret, Duchess of Argyll, was a name that everyone knew at the time of her divorce in 1963 but during her lifetime she had three names, each one making her a legend, Margaret Whigham, Margaret Sweeny, and when a Duchess, Margaret Campbell. Margaret Whigham was born in Scotland in 1912 and spent the first 13 years of her life in New York.

  4. Margaret Campbell, Duchess Of Argyll outside the Royal Courts of Justice in London, UK, 9th November 1971. She is suing her solicitor for negligence. Margaret Campbell, Duchess of Argyll , seated in centre in the Great Hall with two castle guides, James Hamilton Baird and K Miller Smith prior to...

  5. 29/12/2021 · Was Margaret Campbell, the Duchess of Argyll, really a “a completely promiscuous woman whose sexual appetite could only be satisfied with a number of men”? The screenwriter Sarah Phelps has made Margaret, Duchess of Argyll, the heroine of A Very British Scandal, a new BBC drama starring Claire Foy and Paul Bet ta n y as the aristocrats whose divorce transfixed a nation in 1963.

  6. 23/07/2022 · However, their marriage was short-lived and Whigham divorced him to marry Ian Campbell, the 11th Duke of Argyll. This is the beginning of the scandalous story of Margaret.

  7. 26/12/2021 · Margaret Sweeney was the British socialite and Duchess of Argyll, mostly known for her divorce scandal with her second husband. A Very British Scandal, the BBC's newest serial drama, premiered on Boxing Day, and viewers are enthralled by the splendor and drama of the main protagonists. The plot centers on the Duke and Duchess of Argyll and ...