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  1. María Teresa Carlota de Francia, Madame Royale, fue una princesa francesa y primogénita de Luis XVI de Francia y María Antonieta de Austria, siendo la única de los hijos de los monarcas en llegar a la edad adulta. Contrajo matrimonio con su primo hermano, el duque de Angulema Luis Antonio, sobrino de su padre, hijo mayor de su tío, el hermano más joven de Luis XVI, quien se convertiría posteriormente en rey de Francia como Carlos X. Duquesa de Angulema por matrimonio, María Teresa se ...

    • Madame Royale
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    • The Brief Restoration

    Marie-Thérèse-Charlotte was born on December 19, 1778, at the Palace of Versailles. She was named after her grandmother, Holy Roman Empress Maria Theresa. Her parents were King Louis XVI of France, and his very famous wife, Marie Antoinette of Austria, also known as “Madame Deficit”. At the time of her birth, the American Revolution was going on in...

    First, in 1787, Sophie Beatrix, Marie’s sister, died, followed by Joseph, in 1789. And if you know anything about France in 1789, you know that there were quite a few people unhappy with the monarchy. The American Revolution was over, and France had helped the Americans win the war, and were deeply in debt after that. Prices of food skyrocketed, an...

    When Napoleon was overthrown, the Bourbon monarchy was restored, and Marie could finally go back to France after twenty years. She visited important places, including where her parents had been buried. After the Bourbon restoration, the remains of Marie’s family could finally be moved to the Basilica of Saint-Denis. When Napoleon came back to Franc...

  2. Madame Royale, or “Mousseline” as she was dubbed by her mother, Queen Marie-Antoinette, was born at the Palace of Versailles in 1778 and christened in the royal chapel that same day. In 1793 her parents died at the guillotine during the Revolution. Marie-Thérèse Charlotte escaped execution but was imprisoned.

  3. Marie Thérèse was the fourth child and third daughter of King Louis XIV of France and his wife, Maria Theresa of Spain. As the king's daughter, she was a Fille de France and was known at court by the traditional honorific of Madame Royale because she was the king's eldest surviving daughter. She did not survive childhood, dying at the age of five due to tuberculosis.

  4. Marie-Thérèse Charlotte de France [1], surnommée « Madame Royale », née le 19 décembre 1778 à Versailles et morte le 19 octobre 1851 à Frohsdorf en Autriche, est le premier enfant de Louis XVI et Marie-Antoinette. Après une enfance passée à la cour, elle est la seule des enfants royaux à survivre à la Révolution française.

  5. The arrest of the Royal family in Varennes On the evening of 20 June 1791, the 12-year-old Marie-Thérèse and her family dressed up and fled the Palace. They depicted a Russian aristocrat and her entourage. Marie-Thérèse and Louis-Charles both dressed as girls, played the children of a Russian lady. This lady was, in fact, their governess.

  6. Marie-Thérèse Charlotte (19 December 1778 – 19 October 1851) was the eldest child of King Louis XVI and Queen Marie Antoinette of France. In 1799 she married her cousin Louis Antoine, Duke of Angoulême, the eldest son of Charles, Count of Artois, henceforth becoming the Duchess of Angoulême. She was briefly disputed Queen of France in 1830.