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  1. 24/03/2021 · Maria Theresa’s children: 11 daughters, 5 sons. The marriage of the then 19-year-old Maria Theresa to her beloved Franz Stephan of Lorraine took place on February 12, 1736 in the Augustinian Church in Vienna . Three months after the marriage, she was already pregnant and gave birth to 16 children within 20 years.

  2. Maria Theresa’s children The fact that Maria Theresa gave birth to sixteen children is a well-known part of her life story. Of her eleven daughters and five sons ten survived into adulthood. Maria Theresa’s first child, a daughter named Maria Elisabeth (1737–1740), died while still a young child.

  3. Marie Thérèse was the fourth child and third daughter of King Louis XIV of France and his wife, Maria Theresa of Spain. As the king's daughter, she was a Fille de France and was known at court by the traditional honorific of Madame Royale because she was the king's eldest surviving daughter. She did not survive childhood, dying at the age of five due to tuberculosis.

  4. The long-awaited heir Louis Joseph Xavier François, Dauphin of France, was born in in 1781, followed by Louis-Charles de France, Duke of Normandy, in 1785, and Sophie Hélène Béatrix, Madame Sophie, in 1786. Marie Antoinette, Marie-Thérèse's mother, was very found of her children and spend a lot of time with them.

  5. 02/03/2021 · Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette had several adopted children, only some of whom lived with the family, including one girl who was Marie Therese's playmate. To hide from her own growing unpopularity, Marie Antoinette took her children to an (expensive) constructed small village, the Petit Trianon, which was idyllic, secluded and, more importantly, far from the all-seeing eyes of the court (via Biography ).

  6. Marie-Thérèse Charlotte was the eldest child of King Louis XVI and Queen Marie Antoinette of France. In 1799 she married her cousin Louis Antoine, Duke of Angoulême, the eldest son of Charles, Count of Artois, henceforth becoming the Duchess of Angoulême. She was briefly disputed Queen of France in 1830. Marie-Thérése was the only child of her parents to reach adulthood. She became Dauphine of France upon the accession of her uncle and father-in-law, Charles X, to the French ...