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  1. Under Mary of Guise's regency. Bothwell supported Mary of Guise, queen dowager and regent of Scotland, against the Protestant Lords of the Congregation. Bothwell and 24 followers took 6000 crowns of English money destined to be used against Guise from the Laird of Ormiston on Halloween 1559 at an ambush near Haddington.

  2. 08/08/2022 · Mary and Bothwell confronted the Lords at Carberry Hill on 15 June, but there was no real battle (only a few duels) as Mary agreed to follow the Lords on condition that they let Bothwell go.[38] However, the Lords broke their promise, and took Mary to Edinburgh and imprisoned her in Loch Leven Castle, situated on an island in the middle of Loch Leven.

  3. 08/08/2022 · Woodstock resident Mary Elliot was enjoying the attention her 1974 Pontiac Astre with original canvass tent attachment was received during the Bothwell Optimist/Old Autos Car Show on Saturday.

  4. 17/04/2022 · John C. Badder Funeral Home 72 Victoria St. P.O. Box 46 Thamesville, ON N0P 2K0 Funeral Establishment Class 1 Licence No. FE-467 519-692-4222 Fax 519-692-5360

  5. 08/08/2022 · Woodstock resident Mary Elliot said the Bothwell car show was the first big event she’s attended to show off her 1974 Pontiac Astre, which still boasted the original canvas tent that attaches to the rear of the vehicle. “I fell in love with the Astre when I saw it,” she said.

  6. Mary herself was implicated in the murder plot. Her role in his death was never proven; however, her reputation was hurt across Europe. Her third husband was Lord Bothwell. There is now a strong belief that Bothwell captured Mary Queen of Scots when she fled the capital after Darnley’s death and forced her to marry him.

  7. She surrendered, was imprisoned in Lochleven Castle, Kinross-shire and forced to abdicate in favour of her infant son. Bothwell fled to Scandinavia, where he was arrested and held prisoner until his death. Mary escaped from Lochleven in 1568, only to be defeated at the Battle of Langside, near Glasgow, on 13 May.