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  1. 25/04/2022 · France, a member of the World Bank Group since 1945, supports multilateral efforts aimed at promoting human and economic development, reducing poverty, and promoting prosperity that is shared throughout the world. France Overview Overview Summary Partnership Representation

  2. 08/06/2012 · Country overview France is the largest country in the EU, stretching from the North Sea to the Mediterranean. The landscape is diverse, with mountains in the east and south, including the Alpine peak of Mont Blanc (4 810 m) which is western Europe's highest point.

  3. France is a Republic, parliamentary democracy combined with presidential power. Executive Power The President of the Republic is the Head of State. He/She is elected by direct universal suffrage for five years. He/She appoints the Prime Minister and his/her Government at the suggestion of the Prime Minister.

  4. 12/10/2021 · With a GDP of approximately $2.6 trillion in 2020 (down 8.2% in 2020, +1.5% y-o-y growth in 2019), France is the world’s fifth-largest economy and Europe’s third-largest economy after Germany and the UK. It has substantial agricultural resources and maintains a strong manufacturing sector, despite a recent decline.

  5. Economic Overview. For the latest updates on the key economic responses from governments to address the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, please consult the IMF's policy tracking platform Policy Responses to COVID-19. France is ranked as the world’s seventh largest economic power, just behind the United Kingdom and India.

  6. Gascony, and a good portion of western France. Ties to England established a strong maritime trade in Bordeaux wine, and the city and region flourished as never before. o In 1453 France reclaimed Bordeaux and expelled the English during the Hundred Years War. The Dutch then became very involved with the Bordeaux wine region after the

  7. France is a major actor in global trade. It is the world's ninth exporter and seventh importer of merchandise (WTO, 2020), and trade represents 58% of the country's GDP (World Bank, 2020). France exports essentially aircrafts, vehicles, pharmaceutical products, food products (wine), hydrocarbons and electronic components.