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  1. On 15 February 1877 at Arolsen, Marie married, Prince William of Württemberg (later King William II of Württemberg). They had three children: Princess Pauline (19 December 1877 - 7 May 1965), married William Frederick, Prince of Wied (1872–1945) Prince Ulrich (28 July 1880 - 28 December 1880) stillborn daughter (24 April 1882) Death

  2. Prince Paul of Württemberg (1785–1852), whose grandson was King William II of Württemberg. Secondly on 18 May 1797 he married Charlotte, Princess Royal, the eldest daughter of King George III of Great Britain, by whom he had only one child, a stillborn daughter delivered on 27 April 1798. Ancestry

  3. Princess Charlotte of Clarence Born on 27 March 1819, Hanover. She died the same day as her birth. She was the oldest daughter of William IV of the United Kingdom and his wife Adelaide.

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    02/07/2015 · m ([990]) HILDEGARDE von Stade, daughter of HEINRICH [I] "dem Kahlen" Graf von Stade [Nordmark] & his second wife Hildegard [von Reinhausen] ([974/77]-3 Oct 1011, bur Lüneburg St Michaelis). The primary source which confirms Hildegarde's parentage and her marriage has not so far been identified.

  5. Maria Antoaneta devine regină a Franței și a Navarei la vârsta de optsprezece ani. Situația Mariei Antoaneta devine mai precară când, la 6 august 1775, cumnata ei, contesa d'Artois dă naștere unui fiu, ducele d'Angoulême - moștenitorul prezumtiv al tronului Franței când tatăl lui, contele d'Artois devine regele Carol al X-lea al Franței în 1824.

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