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    1896 was a leap year starting on Wednesday of the Gregorian calendar and a leap year starting on Monday of the Julian calendar, the 1896th year of the Common Era (CE) and Anno Domini (AD) designations, the 896th year of the 2nd millennium, the 96th year of the 19th century, and the 7th year of the 1890s decade.

  2. Historical Events for the Year 1896. 4th January » Utah is admitted as the 45th U.S. state. 5th January » An Austrian newspaper reports that Wilhelm Röntgen has discovered a type of electromagnetic radiation known as radiation later known as X-rays. 16th January » Defeat of Cymru Fydd at South Wales Liberal Federation Annual general meeting called ...

  3. 1896 ( MDCCCXCVI) fue un año bisiesto comenzado en miércoles según el calendario gregoriano . Índice 1 Acontecimientos 1.1 Enero 1.2 Febrero 1.3 Marzo 1.4 Abril 1.5 Mayo 1.6 Junio 1.7 Agosto 1.8 Septiembre 1.9 Octubre 1.10 Noviembre 2 Arte y literatura 3 Música 3.1 Diciembre 4 Ciencia y tecnología 5 Deportes 6 Nacimientos 6.1 Enero 6.2 Febrero

  4. Events by Year 1896 1896 Jan uary Feb ruary Mar ch Apr il May Jun e Jul y Aug ust Sep tember Oct ober Nov ember Dec ember Highlights Events Birthdays Deaths Weddings & Divorces Scientific Discovery Jan 1 German physicist Wilhelm Röntgen announces his discovery of x-rays Physicist and Nobel Laureate Wilhelm Röntgen

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    Federal Government

    1. President: Grover Cleveland (D-New York) 2. Vice President: Adlai E. Stevenson I (D-Illinois) 3. Chief Justice: Melville Fuller (Illinois) 4. Speaker of the House of Representatives: Thomas Brackett Reed (R-Maine) 5. Congress: 54th


    1. January 4 – Utah is admitted as the 45th U.S. state (see History of Utah). 2. February 5 – August 12 – Yaqui Uprisingin Arizona and Mexico. 3. March 23 – The New York State Legislature passes the Raines Law, restricting Sunday alcoholic beverage sales to hotels.


    1. April 9 – The National Farm School (later Delaware Valley College) is chartered in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. 2. May 18 – Plessy v. Ferguson: The U.S. Supreme Court introduces the "separate but equal" doctrine and upholds racial segregation. 3. May 26 – Eleven years after its foundation, a group of 12 purely industrial stocks are chosen to form the Dow Jones Industrial Average. The index is composed entirely of industrial shares for the first time. 4. May 27 – 1896 St. Louis–East St. Louis...


    1. July 9 – William Jennings Bryan delivers his Cross of Gold speech at the Democratic National Convention, which nominates him for President of the United States. 2. July 30 – Shortly after 6:30 pm, at a crossing just west of Atlantic City, New Jersey, two trains collide, crushing five loaded passenger coaches, killing 50 and seriously injuring approximately 60, in the 1896 Atlantic City rail crash. 3. September 15 – The Crash at Crushtrain wreck stunt is held in Texas.

    January 4 – Everett Dirksen, U.S. Senator from Illinois from 1951 to 1969 (died 1969)
    January 8 – Arthur Ford, psychic, founded the Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship (died 1971)
    January 14 – John Dos Passos, novelist (died 1970)
    January 18 – C. M. Eddy, Jr., author (died 1967)
    January 6 – Thomas W. Knox, author and journalist (born 1835)
    January 11 – George G. Wright, U.S. Senator from Iowa from 1871 to 1877 (born 1820)
    January 15 – Mathew B. Brady, pioneering photographer (born 1822)
    January 19 – Bernhard Gillam, political cartoonist (born 1856)