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  1. Hace 1 día · Thomas Cromwell (/ ˈ k r ɒ m w əl,-w ɛ l /; c. 1485 – 28 July 1540), briefly Earl of Essex, was an English statesman and lawyer who served as chief minister to King Henry VIII from 1534 to 1540, when he was beheaded on orders of the king, who later blamed false charges for the execution.

  2. 11 de may. de 2023 · Thomas Cromwell, in full Thomas Cromwell, earl of Essex, Baron Cromwell of Okeham, (born c. 1485, Putney, near London—died July 28, 1540, probably London), principal adviser (1532–40) to England’s Henry VIII, chiefly responsible for establishing the Reformation in England, for the dissolution of the monasteries, and for strengthening the royal a...

  3. Hace 1 día · Oliver Cromwell (25 April 1599 – 3 September 1658) was a politician and soldier, widely regarded as one of the most important statesmen in English history. He came to prominence during the 1639 to 1653 Wars of the Three Kingdoms, initially as a senior commander in the Parliamentarian army and latterly as a politician.

    • pre-1642 (militia service), 1642–1651 (civil war)
    • Robert Cromwell (father), Elizabeth Steward (mother)
  4. Hace 3 días · Frances Cromwell. Parents. Thomas Cromwell, 1st Earl of Essex. Elizabeth Wyckes. Gregory Cromwell, 1st Baron Cromwell, KB ( c. 1520 [1] [3] – 4 July 1551) [4] was an English nobleman. He was the only son of the Tudor statesman Thomas Cromwell, 1st Earl of Essex ( c. 1485 – 1540) and Elizabeth Wyckes (d. 1529).

  5. 31 de may. de 2023 · The many faces of Thomas Cromwell Book: Reform and Renewal, Thomas Cromwell and the Common Weal Geoffrey Elton Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 1973, ISBN: 9780521098090; 182pp.; Price: £27.99 Wolf Hall Hilary Mantel London, Harper Collins, 2009, ISBN: 9780007230181 ; 672pp.; Price: £5.99 Reviewer: Professor Mark Horowitz

  6. Edward Cromwell, 3rd Baron Cromwell ( c. 1559 – 27 April 1607) [1] [2] was an English peer. He was the son of Henry Cromwell, 2nd Baron Cromwell by his wife Mary, daughter of John Paulet, 2nd Marquess of Winchester and his first wife Elizabeth Willoughby.

  7. Hace 1 día · It passed the Self-denying Ordinance, by which all members of either House of Parliament laid down their commands and re-organized its main forces into the New Model Army, under the command of Sir Thomas Fairfax, with Cromwell as his second-in-command and Lieutenant-General of Horse.

  8. 29 de may. de 2023 · When Thomas Cromwell was accused of treason and executed in 1540 (the same year as he was created Earl of Essex) Rich was one of the chief witnesses against his friend and benefactor. On the 12th June Cromwell wrote to the king: 'What master chancellor has been to me, God and he knows best; what I have been to him your Majesty knows.'

  9. Hace 3 días · (England) – Wikipedia Heinrich VIII. (England) Porträt Heinrichs VIII. nach Hans Holbein d. J., 1536–1537, Walker Art Gallery Heinrich VIII. ( englisch Henry VIII; * 28. Juni 1491 in Greenwich; † 28. Januar 1547 im Whitehall-Palast, London) war von 1509 bis 1547 König von England, ab 1509 Herr der Lordschaft Irland und ab 1541 König von Irland.

  10. 20 de may. de 2023 · Thomas Cromwell was the engineer of some of the most sweeping changes in English history. As chief minister to King Henry VIII, he ensured that the king had all the money, power, support, and confidence that he needed to divorce not only his wife but also the Catholic Church.

  11. 19 de may. de 2023 · From the Archives – Queen Anne Boleyn. As today is the anniversary of Queen Anne Boleyn's execution on 19th May 1536, I thought I'd share with you this talk I did a few years ago on Anne Boleyn's fall. In it, I examine the roles of Thomas Cromwell and Henry VIII in those bloody events.

  12. 28 de may. de 2023 · To commence, this King distributed all his offices and proclaimed that none should call him lord Privy Seal or by any other title of estate, but only Thomas Cromwell, shearman (tondeur de draps), depriving him of all his privileges and prerogatives, and distributing his less valuable moveables among his (Cromwell's) servants, who ...

  13. 7 de may. de 2023 · Alma mater. Trinity College, Cambridge. Occupation. Politician, diplomat. Thomas Belasyse, 1st Earl Fauconberg PC (c. 1627 – 31 December 1700) was an English peer. [1] He supported the Parliamentary cause in the English Civil War, becoming close to Oliver Cromwell and marrying Cromwell's third daughter, Mary.