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  1. Universität Bonn Mail. E-Mail-Adresse. Kennwort. Meine Einstellungen auf diesem Computer merken. Universität Bonn Mail v. 6.3.0001.

  2. Account Name. Password. Remember me on this computer. SMS Code. Please select method to complete authentication. Two-Factor Authentication. Waiting for the second factor to complete. Log Out. Password Modification.

  3. E-Mail. All members of the University of Bonn receive an e-mail box with an e-mail address in the form In addition, you can create two alias names. Information relevant to studies and work will be delivered to this mailbox.

  4. Web Client. Username: Password: Stay signed in. Version: Default Advanced (Ajax) Standard (HTML) Mobile. Note that your web browser or display does not fully support the Advanced version. We strongly recommend that you use the Standard client. Zimbra :: the leader in open source messaging and collaboration :: Blog - Wiki - Forums.

  5. Dem Kommunikationsserver von! Willkommen bei CommuniGate Pro. E-Mail-Adresse. Kennwort. Layout

  6. E-Mail. Alle Angehörigen der Universität Bonn erhalten ein E-Mail-Postfach mit einer E-Mail-Adresse in der Form Darüber hinaus können Sie zwei Alias-Namen anlegen. Studien- und arbeitsrelevante Informationen werden an dieses Postfach zugestellt.

  7. eMail Service. For more information go to the central mail service: If you want to check your mail on the web, go to: For Maillists and -groups go to: