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  1. what determiner, pronoun, exclamation (QUESTION) A1 used to ask for information about people or things: What time is it? What books did you buy? What did you wear? What size shoes do you take? What happened after I left? What caused the accident? used in questions that show you are surprised or do not believe something: "I just told Peter."

  2. What is a wh -word. We use what to ask questions and as a pronoun and determiner. What as a question word We can use what to ask for information about things and actions: What do you want? What’s she doing? Tell her to stop at once! What time are you leaving? We can also use what in indirect questions: She asked me what my address was.

  3. 1 what / ˈ wɑːt/ / ˈ wʌt/ pronoun Britannica Dictionary definition of WHAT 1 a — used to ask for information about someone or something What is your name? What are those things on the table? What 's your family like? [+] more examples b — used to describe a question Please ask them what they want for dinner. They asked her what she knew about him.

  4. The ORIGINAL and OFFICIAL "What What (In the Butt)" video!This is the ORIGINAL "What What (In the Butt)" video. The South Park version aired over a year afte...

  5. what - Dicionário Inglês-Português (Brasil) Ver também: Pesquisas recentes: what Listen: UK:* /ˈh wɒt/ definição em inglês | em espanhol | Sinônimos em inglês | colocação de palavras em inglês | Conjugator [EN] | em contexto | imagens WordReference English-Portuguese Dictionary © 2022: Está faltando alguma coisa importante ?

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  7. what翻譯:疑問, 甚麼, (用於疑問句中,表示驚奇或不相信), 那樣的, (作關係代詞引導從句)…那樣的;…的, (用於引出要說的話), 觀點, (用於引出自己的觀點), 疑問, (用於請某人重複所說的話)。了解更多。