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  1. The south, in addition, had been heavily influenced by the Greek colony of Massilia (modern Marseille, founded c. 600 bce) and its daughter cities. In brief, the Gaul that was the foundation of medieval France was not a “natural” unit but a Roman construct, the result of a decision to defend Italy from across the Alps.

  2. In 600 BC, Ionian Greeks from Phocaea founded the colony of Massalia (present-day Marseille) on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, making it one of the oldest cities in France. [4] [5] At the same time, some Celtic tribes arrived in the eastern parts ( Germania superior ) of the current territory of France, but this occupation spread in the rest of France only between the 5th and 3rd century BC.

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    France (French: ), officially the ... The French Academy of Sciences, founded in the mid-17th century by Louis XIV to encourage and protect French ...

  4. 24 de mar. de 2023 · The capital and by far the most important city of France is Paris, one of the world’s preeminent cultural and commercial centres.A majestic city known as the ville lumière, or “city of light,” Paris has often been remade, most famously in the mid-19th century under the command of Georges-Eugène, Baron Haussman, who was committed to Napoleon III’s vision of a modern city free of the ...