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  1. 20/01/2012 · 既不正盐是酸和碱完全中和的产物,但正盐的水溶液不一定显中性,如na2co3(碳酸钠)溶液显碱性,(nh4)2so4(硫酸铵)溶液显酸性。 酸跟碱完全中和生成的盐中,不会有酸中的氢离子,也不会有碱中的氢氧根离子,只有金属阳离子和酸根离子,这样的盐为正盐。

  2. Water Chemistry CaCO3 Equivalents. Multiply the mg/l of the substances listed below by the corresponding factors to obtain mg/l as CaCO3. For example, 70 mg/l of Mg + + would be (70) (4.10) = 287 mg/l as CaCO3.

  3. Phèn Nhôm Amôn Sunfat Al2(SO4)3.(NH4)2SO4.24 H2O; Kẽm Sunfat (ZnSO4.7H2O) Magiê Sunfat (MgSO4.7H2O) Sắt II Sunfat (FeSO4.7H2O) Natri Thiosunfat (Na2S2O3.5H2O) Dung dịch nước tẩy Natri Hypocloric (NaClO) Dung dịch Sắt III Clorua (FeCl3) Magiê Clorua (MgCl2.6H2O) Kali Clorua tinh khiết (KCl) Natri Clorua (NaCl) Bột tẩy ...

  4. 钾钠铵硝酸盐溶水快 , ① 硫酸盐除去钡铅。 ②氯化物不溶氯化银,硝酸盐溶液都透明。 ③ 口诀中未有皆下沉。 ④ 注: ①钾钠铵盐都溶于水; ②硫酸盐中只有硫酸钡、硫酸铅不溶,硫酸钙微溶; ③硝酸盐都溶于水; ④口诀中没有涉及的盐类都不溶于水;

  5. We are a professional manufacturer of Glacial Acetic Acid, Nitric Acid, Potassium Hydroxide, which provides quality products and services to our global customers.

  6. 18/02/2016 · FeSO4 + H2S + 2NH3 = FeS + (NH4)2SO4. 2FeS + 6NH4CN = (NH4)2Fe2(CN)6 + 2(NH4)2S. The insoluble product, known as ” cyanide mud,” is then treated to obtain marketable cyanogen compounds. Many other modifications have been suggested. Cyanides may also be obtained by desulphurizing thiocyanates by means of iron, or by zinc and carbon.

  7. 11/03/2019 · 化合反应 1、镁在空气中燃烧:2mg + o2 点燃 2mgo 2、铁在氧气中燃烧:3fe + 2o2 点燃 fe3o4 3、铝在空气中燃烧:4al + 3o2 点燃 2al2o3 4、氢气在空气中燃烧:2h2 + o2 点燃 2h2o 5、红磷在空气中燃烧:4p + 5o2 点燃 2p2o5 6、硫粉在空气中燃烧: s + o2 点燃 so2 7、碳在氧气中充分燃烧:c + o2 点燃 co2 8、碳在氧气中不 ...

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