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  1. Emoji symbols are the only colorful text symbols there are, yet they are so fresh, some of them are only available on some devices and operating systems. Some emoji are available on Apple's iOS and Mac, but not on older Android and Windows. For your convenience I've only listed those emojis that are widely available across different platforms.

  2. The Unicode Consortium P.O. Box 391476 Mountain View, CA 94039-1476 U.S.A. +1-408-401-8915

  3. 绘文字(日语:絵文字/えもじ emoji)是日本在无线通信中所使用的视觉情感符号,绘指图画,文字指的则是字符,可用来代表多种表情,如笑脸表示笑、蛋糕表示食物等。在中国,emoji通常叫做“小黄脸”,或者直称emoji在NTTDoCoMo的i-mode系统电话系统中,绘文字的尺寸是12x12 像素,在传送时,一个 ...

  4. 🤣 Emoji Maker Online has many emoji shapes for you. Emoji Shapes such as: Common Emoji Shapes, Animal Shapes, People Shapes... Choose a shape then start designing it with many emoji components. Select the emoji component in the left panel and edit it in the editor panel on the right. Very simple, right? Learn More

  5. Emoji se convertirá a diferentes icono de imagen en facebook y twitter. También recogemos los símbolos de texto relacionados. Inicio | Emoji y símbolos | Herramienta de texto | Hora y fecha | Utilidades

  6. 17/12/2018 · An emoji is one of the most useful shorthand communication tools of the 21st century. An emoji can be used to express personality in your email campaigns, or on social media. In fact, nearly half of all comments and captions on Instagram contain an emoji, and using an emoji on Twitter can result in 25.4% more engagement .

  7. Emoji Texto sin formato Significado Copiar / Pegar; 😺: Cara de gato sonriente con la boca abierta: Copiar: 😸: Cara de gato sonriente con ojos sonrientes: Copiar: 😹: Cara de gato con lágrimas de alegría: Copiar: 😻: Cara de gato con corazones en los ojos: Copiar: 😼: Cara de gato con sonrisa irónica: Copiar: 😽: Cara de gato ...

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