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  1. Amitraz es un fungicida garrapaticida antiparasitario. Algunos productos registrados son Preventic (Veterquímica), amitraz (Eximerck) y en asociación con piretroides Vetancid (Vetanco).

  2. Below is a list of Edison patents.Thomas Edison was an inventor who accumulated 512 patents worldwide for his inventions. 1,093 of Edison's patents were in the United States, but other patents were approved in countries around the globe.

  3. Dasyprocta es un género de roedores histricomorfos de la familia Dasyproctidae llamados comúnmente agutíes, ñeques, picures, jochis, sereques, seretes, añujes, guatuzas, guara(s) o guatines

  4. Luck egalitarianism is a view about distributive justice espoused by a variety of egalitarian and other political philosophers.According to this view, justice demands that variations in how well-off people are should be wholly determined by the responsible choices people make and not by differences in their unchosen circumstances.