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  1. › wiki › 1120s1120s - Wikipedia

    The Pechenegs who have set up their camp (defended by a circular formation of wagons) near Beroia (modern Bulgaria) are defeated. John orders the Varangian Guard (some 480 men), the elite Palace Guard to hack their way through the Pecheneg circle of wagons, causing a general rout in their camp.

  2. 1120s in architecture - Wikipedia 1120s in architecture 1110s . 1120s in architecture . 1130s Architecture timeline Contents 1 Buildings and structures 2 Deaths Buildings and structures [ edit] 1120 Autun Cathedral begun. Pagoda of Tianning Temple (天宁寺塔) in Beijing, China completed. c. 1120 – Abbey Church of Saint Foy in Conques, France completed.

  3. › wiki › 1120s_BC1120s BC - Wikipedia

    The 1120s BC is a decade which lasted from 1129 BC to 1120 BC. Events and trends [ edit] 1126 BC — Thymoetes, legendary King of Athens, dies childless after a reign of 8 years. He is succeeded by his designated heir Melanthus of Pylos, a fifth-generation descendant of Neleus who had reportedly assisted him in battle against the Boeotians.

  4. 1120s From Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Events and trends [ change | change source] Romanesque sculptor Gislebertus does his work at Autun, Burgundy, France 1121 Council of Soissons is does not like the work of Pierre Abélard 1122 The problem of the Investiture Controversy in the Concordat of Worms is solved

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  6. From Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The category is for articles and events specifically related to the decade of the 1120s which begins in the year 1120 and ends in the year 1129 . Wikimedia Commons has media related to 1120s. Subcategories This category has the following 14 subcategories, out of 14 total. /

  7. 1120s beginnings ‎ (12 C) 1120s endings ‎ (12 C) A 1120s in the arts ‎ (2 C) C 1120s conflicts ‎ (9 C, 4 P) D 1120s disestablishments ‎ (6 C) E 1120s establishments ‎ (16 C) F Fiction set in the 1120s ‎ (5 P) R 1120s in religion ‎ (3 C) T 1120s in transport ‎ (2 C) W 1120s works ‎ (12 C, 1 P) Pages in category "1120s"

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    relacionado con: 1120s wikipedia
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