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    ISSN 1353-7113. S2CID 22425866. Most academic literature on the topic suggests that the majority of early settlers colonized the area following a call by the Hungarian King Géza II (1141-1162) acting as “defenders” of Christianity and, later, of the Kingdom of Hungary.5.

  2. 1141 fue un año común comenzado en miércoles del calendario juliano.. Acontecimientos. 8 de abril - Matilde de Inglaterra, emperatriz consorte del Sacro Imperio, es reconocida como "dama de Inglaterra y de Normandía".

    • Overview
    • Involved
    • Crash
    • Casualties
    • Investigation
    • Aftermath

    Delta Air Lines Flight 1141 was a scheduled domestic passenger flight between Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas and Salt Lake City, Utah. On August 31, 1988, the flight, using a Boeing 727-200 series aircraft, crashed during takeoff, resulting in fourteen deaths and 76 injuries of the 108 on board.

    The aircraft was a Boeing 727-200 Advanced, registration N473DA, a three-engine narrow-body jet aircraft. It was delivered to Delta Air Lines in November 1973, and was the 992nd Boeing 727 to be manufactured. The aircraft was powered by three Pratt & Whitney JT8D-15 turbofan engi

    The flight crew consisted of 23-year-veteran Captain Larry Lon Davis, 9-year-veteran First Officer Carey Wilson Kirkland; and one-year-veteran Flight Engineer Steven Mark Judd.: 102–103 The cabin crew consisted of four flight attendants: Dixie Dunn; Diana George; Rosilyn ...

    Flight 1141 was a regularly scheduled passenger flight from Jackson Municipal Airport in Jackson, Mississippi, to Salt Lake City International Airport in Salt Lake City, Utah, with an intermediate stop at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport in North Texas.: 6–7 The Wednesday morning flight from Jackson to DFW was uneventful, and Flight 1141 arrived at DFW at 07:38 CDT.: 1 For the flight from DFW to Salt Lake City, Flight 1141 had 101 passengers and seven crew members on board.: v At ...

    Two of the four flight attendants and twelve of the 101 passengers on board died in the crash.: 5 Medical examinations determined that all but one of the fatalities were due to smoke inhalation.: 30 One passenger, who had successfully exited the aircraft, attempted to re-enter the aircraft in order to assist his wife and other passengers still trapped inside;: 5 he suffered severe burns and died eleven days after the accident from his injuries.: 30

    The National Transportation Safety Board investigation into the accident attempted to reconstruct the aircraft's performance based on reports from witnesses and survivors. Witnesses reported that the plane attempted to climb at a higher than normal angle, and that the plane rolle

    The NTSB investigated the relationship between crew performance and the events in the accident.: 73 FAA regulations require a sterile cockpit before takeoff, which means there is to be no conversation unrelated to the aircraft and pending flight. However, the cockpit voice record

    On September 26, 1989, the NTSB published its final accident report. In it, the NTSB ultimately determined that there were two probable causes for the accident: inadequate cockpit discipline that resulted in the flight crew's failure to extend the aircraft's flaps and slats to pr

    Although the NTSB specifically faulted the captain and co-pilot for the accident, and did not fault Judd, Judd was unable to find work as a commercial pilot after being fired from Delta. A former Navy pilot, Judd worked as a reserve pilot at Naval Air Station Dallas while appealing his firing. Judd was later reinstated by Delta. Media broadcast of the CVR tapes, which demonstrated why the crew failed to extend the airplane's flaps or slats for takeoff, provoked such an outcry by pilots that subs

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  3. (1141) Bohmia es el asteroide número 1141, en el cinturón principal. Fue descubierto por el astrónomo Max Wolf desde el observatorio de Heidelberg , el 4 de enero de 1929 . Su designación alternativa es 1930 AA .

    • 1930 AA, 1949 SU
    • Max Wolf
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    1141 n'otros calendarios; Calendariu gregorianu: 1141 MCXLI: Ab urbe condita: 1894 Calendariu armeniu: 590 Calendariu chinu: 3837 – 3838 Calendariu hebréu: 4901 ...

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    1141 (MCXLI) a fost un an obișnuit al calendarului iulian. Evenimente. 2 februarie: Bătălia de la Lincoln. Matilda, cu sprijinul contelui Robert de Gloucester, reia puterea în Anglia de la regele Ștefan I, care este capturat și închis la Bristol.

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    1141 más naptárakban: Gergely-naptár: 1141: Ab urbe condita: 1894: Bahái naptár-703 – -702: Berber naptár: 2091: Bizánci naptár: 6649 – 6650: Buddhista ...

    • 1894
    • 2091
    • -703 – -702
    • 1141
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