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  1. Hace 22 horas · Лев [1] ( лат. Panthera leo ) — вид хищных млекопитающих, один из пяти представителей рода пантер ( Panthera ), относящегося к подсемейству больших кошек (Pantherinae) в составе семейства кошачьих (Felidae). Наряду ...

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  2. Hace 22 horas · Pope Adrian IV ( Latin: Adrianus IV; born Nicholas Breakspear (or Brekespear ); [1] c. 1100 [note 1] – 1 September 1159, also Hadrian IV ), [3] was head of the Catholic Church and ruler of the Papal States from 4 December 1154 to his death in 1159. He is the only Englishman to have been pope. Adrian was born in Hertfordshire, England, but ...

    • 4 December 1154
    • 1146, by Eugene III
  3. Hace 22 horas · La battaglia di Legnano fu combattuta tra l'esercito imperiale di Federico Barbarossa e le truppe della Lega Lombarda il 29 maggio 1176 tra le località di Legnano e Borsano, nell' Alto Milanese, nell'attuale Lombardia [12] [13].

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  5. 07/08/2022 · Pre-Reformation bishops []. The diocese of Cloyne has its origins in the monastic settlement founded by St Colman in the 6th century. Cloyne was not one of the dioceses established at the Synod of Rathbreasail in 1111, but a bishop of Cloyne was ruling the diocese by 1148, which was recognised at the Synod of Kells in March 1152.

  6. Hace 22 horas · Die Liste der gedeckten Brücken in der Schweiz enthält die überdachten Brücken über Schweizer Gewässer. Von den rund 300 gedeckten Holzbrücken in der Schweiz liegt ein Drittel im Kanton Bern . In fünf Kantonen ( Basel-Stadt, Glarus, Neuenburg, Schaffhausen und Uri) hat es keine gedeckten Brücken.

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