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  1. 1250 - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre 1250 1250 ( MCCL) fue un año común comenzado en sábado del calendario juliano . Es el año 1250 de la era común y del anno Domini, el año 250 del segundo milenio, el año 50 del siglo XII y el primer año de la década de 1250 . Índice 1 Acontecimientos 2 Nacimientos 3 Fallecimientos 4 Enlaces externos

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    December 13 – Emperor Frederick II dies, beginning the 23-year-long "Great Interregnum ". Frederick is the last Holy Roman Emperor of the Hohenstaufen dynasty; after the interregnum, the empire passes to the Habsburgs. The Lombard League dissolves upon the death of its member states' nemesis, Frederick II, Holy Roman Emperor.

  3. Los años 1250 o década del 1250 empezó el 1 de enero de 1250 y terminó el 31 de diciembre de 1259 . Acontecimientos Lisboa se convierte en capital de Portugal. Alejandro IV sucede a Inocencio IV como papa en el año 1254. Conrado IV es proclamado emperador del Sacro Imperío Romano Germánico.

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    Spring – Mongol forces (some 80,000 men) under Hulagu Khan cross the Oxus River and begin their campaign to destroy the remaining Muslim states in southwestern Asia – with the first objectives being the Nizari Ismaili strongholds and Baghdad, the capital of the Abbasid Caliphate. The roads across Turkestan and Persia are repaired and ...

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    1. December 13 – Frederick II, Holy Roman Emperor, dies 2. King Afonso III of Portugal captures the Algarvefrom the Moors. 3. Valdemar, becomes King of Sweden. 4. University of Valladolid is founded in Spain. 5. The Rialto Bridge in Venice, Italyis changes from a pontoon bridge to a permanent, raised wooden bridge. 6. Vincent of Beauvais completes his encyclopedic work, The Greater Mirror. 7. The Parlement law courts of ancien régime Franceare created. 8. A sickness breaks out in the city Nap...


    1. July 3 – Louis IX of France is captured by Baibars' Mamluk army at the Battle of Fariskur while he is in Egypt at the Seventh Crusade. 2. The Bahri dynasty of Mamluks seize power in Egypt. 3. The Walayta state is founded in present-day Ethiopia (see Rulers of Walayta)

    Pietro d'Abano, Italian physician, philosopher and astrologer (died 1316)
    Guido Cavalcanti, Italian poet (died 1300)
    Dmitry of Pereslavl, Grand-duke of Vladimir-Suzdal (d. 1294)
    Pierre Dubois, French publicist (approximate date; died c. 1312)
    February 2 – King Eric XI of Sweden
    February 8 – Robert I of Artois, French crusader (killed in battle) (born 1216)
    February 8 – William II Longespee, English crusader
    June 18 – Teresa of Portugal
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    Windows-1250 is a code page used under Microsoft Windows to represent texts in Central European and Eastern European languages that use Latin script, such as Polish, Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, Slovene, Serbo-Croatian (Latin script), Romanian (before 1993 spelling reform) and Albanian.