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    22/06/2022 · 1340s. The 1340s were a Julian calendar decade in the 14th century, in the midst of a period in world history often referred to as the Late Middle Ages in the Old World and the pre-Columbian era in the New World . In Asia, the successors of the old Mongol Empire were in a state of gradual decline. The Ilkhanate had already fragmented into ...

  2. 22/06/2022 · The development of polyphonic forms, with different voices interweaving, is often associated with the late medieval Ars nova style which flourished in the 1300s. The Ars Nova, which means "new art", was an innovative style of writing music that served as a key transition from the medieval music style to the more expressive styles of the post-1400s Renaissance music era.

    • c. 1170-1310
    • c. 1360-1420
    • c. 1310-1377
    • c. 500-1400
  3. hace 3 días · In 1951, Volkswagen prototyped a 1.3 L diesel engine. Volkswagen made only two of these naturally aspirated, air-cooled boxer diesel engines, and installed one engine in a Type 1 and another in a Type 2. The diesel Beetle was time tested on the Nürburgring and achieved 0–100 km/h (0–62 mph) in 60 seconds.

  4. hace 2 días · 1959 in art – Birth of Caio Fonseca, Death of Frank Lloyd Wright, Sir Jacob Epstein. 1958 in art – Frank Stella begins black pinstripe paintings; Birth of Brian O'Connor (artist) 1957 in art – Death of David Bomberg, Diego Rivera, Jack Butler Yeats. 1956 in art – Birth of David D. Stern, Death of Jackson Pollock.

  5. Hace 1 día · A naturally occurring abortion that ends a pregnancy sometimes is described as a "spontaneous" abortion or, with the more frequently used popular euphemism, "miscarriage", to distinguish a difference between an induced abortion and a naturally occurring one, but medically, abortion is the terminology applied to either natural or induced.

  6. 26/06/2022 · born in niagara on april 29, 1919, the son of the late jacob and julia (bartolac) lagina, he graduated from niagara high school in 1936 and worked for a short time at the niagara paper mill people still love to have an adventure of the place and get a chance to enjoy the milieu george lagina issue date: december 1, 2010 george j “my brother, …