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  1. Alexander, a Russian prince, defeats a Swedish army on the frozen river Neva, thus winning his name Alexander Nevksy. Go to Alexander Nevsky (1220–1263) in The Oxford Encyclopedia of Medieval Warfare and Military Technology (1 ed.) See this event in other timelines: Politics. Dynasties and royalty.

  2. Mamai was a powerful military commander of the Golden Horde, who resided in the western part of this nomadic state, which is now the Southern Ukrainian Steppes and the Crimean Peninsula. He split apart from Khans of the Golden Horde, trying to establish his own state.

  3. 22/08/2013 · The Ebstorf mappamundi was drawn in 13th century Saxony and depicts the Christian worldview within the body of a crucified Christ. The map illustrates both the “known world” as well as significant landmarks and points of interest for the curious pilgrim. Hereford Cathedral Mappa Mundi 13th century Armenian mountains where Noah’s Ark came ...

  4. 16/11/2017 · The Eyeglasses ( 13th Century ) Eyeglasses are devices consisting of glass or hard plastic lenses mounted in a frame that holds them in front of a person’s eyes, typically using a bridge over the nose and arms which rest over the ears. Glasses are typically used for vision correction. French Empire gilt scissors glasses (with one lens missing ...

  5. 14th Century, 1301 to 1400. 1303 Church power is in decline. Concerned about kings taxing church property, Pope Boniface VIII has issued a papal decree, Unam Sanctam, to maintain Church authority over kings. King Philip IV of France (r. 1285-1314) fears that he will be excommunicated and sends men to seize Boniface from one of his palaces.

  6. 09/01/2021 · But today it looks as prescient as it was funny. On January 15th Wikipedia—“the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit”—will celebrate its 20th anniversary. It will do so as the biggest ...

  7. Madonna by Batoni, an example of Marian art. Hail Mary is a Christian prayer to Mary, the mother of Jesus. Most of the prayer comes from the Gospel of Luke. Some things were also added to the prayer during the 13th century (the 1200s). When a person says a Hail Mary, they asks Mary to pray for them.

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