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  1. Ancient Greek 776–265 BC; Roman 753 BC–663 AD; Etruscan 700–200 BC; Classical 600 BC–323 AD; Herodian 37–4 BC (Judea) Early Christian 100–500; Byzantine 527–1520; Early Middle Ages. The European Early Middle Ages are generally taken to run from the end of the Roman Empire, around 400 AD, to around 1000 AD.

  2. 10th millennium BC · 10,000–9001 BC 9th millennium BC · 9000–8001 BC 8th millennium BC · 8000–7001 BC 7th millennium BC · 7000–6001 BC 6th millennium BC · 6000–5001 BC 5th millennium BC · 5000–4001 BC 4th millennium BC · 4000–3001 BC 40th century BC: 39th century BC: 38th century BC: 37th century BC: 36th century BC: 35th ...

  3. Plutus (Ancient Greek: Πλοῦτος, Ploutos, "Wealth") is an Ancient Greek comedy by the playwright Aristophanes, which was first produced in 388 BCE. A political satire on contemporary Athens, it features the personified god of wealth Plutus.