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    Although nominally part of the Ottoman Empire since 1577, between 1821 and 1841, Muhammad Ali, Pasha of Egypt, came to control Yemen, Harar, Gulf of Tadjoura with Zeila and Berbera included. The Governor Abou Baker ordered the Egyptian garrison at Sagallo to retire to Zeila .

  2. Şah Sultan (Manisa c. 1544 - 1577), se casó con Çakırcıbaşı Hasan Paşa, luego se casó con Silahtar Ali Paşa; Esmehan Sultan (Manisa c. 1545 - Estambul, 1585), se casó con Sokullu Mehmet paşa, luego se casó con Feridun Paşa; Murad III (Manisa, 4 de julio de 1546 - Estambul, 16 de enero de 1595), sucedió a su padre en 1574.

  3. In 1577, the work was published in two volumes after some censorship by the Privy Council of some of Stanyhurst's contribution on Ireland. A second edition was issued in 1587 (also included many woodcut illustrations to go along with the chronicles), but it contained some passages that were considered offensive to the Queen and her ministers.

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    Title page of Rev. Abraham Fleming's account of the appearance of the ghostly black dog "Black Shuck" at the church of Bungay, Suffolk: "A straunge, and terrible Wunder wrought very late in the parish church of Bungay: a town of no great distance from the citie of Norwich, namely the fourth of this August, in the yeere of our Lord 1577. in a great tempest of violent raine, lightning, and ...

  5. Modern history (1577): Collegium Divi Thomae. The late sixteenth century saw the studium at Santa Maria sopra Minerva undergo further transformation during the pontificate of Pope Gregory XIII. Aquinas, who had been canonized in 1323 by Pope John XXII, was proclaimed fifth Latin Doctor of the Church by Pius V in 1567.

  6. Francisco de Sosa y Martínez de Rengifo (1577-1651), magistrado y catedrático peruano; Gerardo Sosa Castelán, político mexicano; Germán Sosa, militar argentino del siglo XIX; Humberto Sosa Molina (1893-1960), militar y ministro de Guerra argentino; José Napoleón Sosa, político argentino del siglo XIX;

  7. BLP 1577: Producer: Alfred Lion: John Coltrane chronology; Coltrane (1957) Blue Train (1958) John Coltrane with the Red Garland Trio (1958) Professional ...