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  1. The 7th century BC began the first day of 700 BC and ended the last day of 601 BC. Map of the Neo-Assyrian Empire at their apex in 671 BC The Neo-Assyrian Empire continued to dominate the Near East during this century, exercising formidable power over neighbors like Babylon and Egypt .

  2. 2540 BC: Mesannepada, who has already dominated the city of Nippur, takes advantage of an eclipse of power in Kish (caused by an incursion by the Elamites of Awan) to seize the city. He becomes the ruler of all of Lower Mesopotamia as he becomes the king of Kish, and his name appears on a pearl in Mari .

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    The 15th century was the century which spans the Julian dates from 1 January 1401 to 31 December 1500 . In Europe , the 15th century includes parts of the Late Middle Ages , the Early Renaissance , and the early modern period .

  4. Late 8th century BC: Earrings, crown and rosettes, from the tomb of Queen Yabay in Kalhu (modern Nimrud, Iraq) are made. They are now at Iraq Museum, Baghdad. Discovered in 1988. Second half of the 8th century BC: In the Kingdom of Judah, Jerusalem begins an expansion in population and size, going from a small town into a major city.

  5. c. 3300 BC – 2600 BC: Early Harappan period continues in the Indus Valley. c. 3000 BC: Camels are domesticated in Egypt. c. 3000 BC: There is an intense phase of burial at Duma na nGiall on the Hill of Tara, the ancient seat of the High King of Ireland. c. 3000 BC: Stonehenge begins to be built.

  6. c. 3100 BC – 2600 BC: Skara Brae, Orkney Islands, Scotland is inhabited. c. 3090 BC: Narmer (Menes) unifies Upper and Lower Egypt into one country; he rules this new country from Memphis. c. 3051 BC: The oldest currently living organism, a Great Basin bristlecone pine, undergoes germination in the White Mountains of California.

  7. The 34th century BC was a century that lasted from the year 3400 BC to 3301 BC. Cultures. Stage IIIa2 of the Naqada culture in Egypt (dated in 1998). Archaic forms of cuneiform emerge in the late Uruk period in Mesopotamia. Burial of a child at Ashleypark Burial Mound, Ireland (c. 3350 BC) Religion. Enoch (c. 33hej