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  1. The Chinese hydraulic engineer Ximen Bao (西門豹) oversees an enormous canal system for agricultural irrigation, while employed by Marquis Wen of Wei (文侯) (445 BC–396 BC). The Chinese philosopher Li Kui writes the Book of Law (Fajing, 法经) in 407 BC , the basis for the law codes of the following Qin Dynasty and partially that of the Han Dynasty .

  2. 900 BC: Kingdom of Kush. Late 10th century BC: Centaur, from Lefkandi, Euboea is made. It is now at the Archaeological Museum of Eretria in Greece. Foundation of Sparta. The kingdom of Ethiopia is founded by Menelik I, who according to legend was the son of Solomon and the Queen of Sheba. First extant evidence of written Aramaic language.

  3. Before 118 BC: pre-Roman times. Archaeological evidence dates human settlement in Toulouse to the 8th century BC. Its location was advantageous; the Garonne River bends westward toward the Atlantic Ocean, and can be crossed easily. People settled on the hills overlooking the river, 9 kilometres (5.6 mi) south of present downtown Toulouse.