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  1. Precedenti storici e consapevolezza sociale. L'epidemia di peste che flagellò l'Italia nel quinquennio 1629-1633 fu solo una delle epidemie del morbo che investirono l'Europa nel corso del XVII secolo: un primo focolaio s'era già riscontrato a Londra al principio del secolo, mietendo oltre 40 000 vittime; dopo toccò alla Sicilia ed alla Francia, ove la peste esplose nel 1628; dopo l ...

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    1629: Jets of steam rotated an impulse turbine that then drove a working stamping mill by means of a bevel gear, developed by Giovanni Branca. 1678: Ferdinand Verbiest built a model carriage relying on a steam jet for power. 1791: A patent was given to John Barber, an Englishman, for the first true gas turbine.

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    Rome, 1629 and 1630 A series of complex parhelia displays in Rome in 1629, and again in 1630, were described by Christoph Scheiner in his book Parhelia , one of the earliest works on the subject. It had a profound effect, causing René Descartes to interrupt his metaphysical studies and led to his work of natural philosophy called The World .

  4. Christiaan Huygens (/ ˈ k r ɪ s t i j a ː n ˈ ɦ œ y ɣ ə (n) s / Prononciation), Christianus Hugenius en latin et Christian Huygens en français, né le 14 avril 1629 à La Haye (dans les Provinces-Unies) et mort le 8 juillet 1695 dans la même ville, est un mathématicien, astronome et physicien néerlandais.

  5. In der Zeit vor dem Dreißigjährigen Krieg gab es drei wesentliche Konflikträume: West- und Nordwesteuropa, Oberitalien und den Ostseeraum.In West- und Nordwesteuropa und in Oberitalien wurden die dynastischen Konflikte zwischen den österreichischen und spanischen Habsburgern und dem französischen König sowie den nach Unabhängigkeit strebenden Niederländern ausgetragen, während im ...

  6. The first documented Scottish settlement in the Americas was of Nova Scotia in 1629. On 29 September 1621, the charter for the foundation of a colony was granted by James VI of Scotland to Sir William Alexander. Between 1622 and 1628, Sir William launched four attempts to send colonists to Nova Scotia; all failed for various reasons.

  7. Gabriël Metsu (1629–1667) was a Dutch painter of history paintings, still lifes, portraits, and genre works. He was "a highly eclectic artist, who did not adhere to a consistent style, technique, or one type of subject for long periods". Only 14 of his 133 works are dated.