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    HMS Tyger, often spelled Tiger, was a 38-gun fourth rate frigate of the Royal Navy, built by Peter Pett II at Woolwich and launched in 1647. The term 'frigate' during the period of this ship referred to a method of construction, rather than a role which did not develop until the following century.

  2. El Éxtasis de Santa Teresa también conocido como la Transverberación de Santa Teresa (en italiano: L'Estasi di Santa Teresa o Santa Teresa in estasi o Transverberazione di santa Teresa) es un grupo escultórico en mármol obra del escultor y pintor Gian Lorenzo Bernini, de estilo barroco.

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    In December 1647, Charles agreed to impose Presbyterianism in England for three years and suppress the Independents, but his refusal to take the Covenant himself split the Scots. It was not until April 1648 the Engagers achieved a majority in the Scottish Parliament ; Argyll's Kirk Party did not trust Charles, objected to an alliance with English and Scots Royalists, and denounced the ...