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  1. 06/01/2022 · 1667 Charles II, King of Spain: 1661: 1700: Head of the Order from 1665 to 1700 1667: Francis Albert, Count of Harrach: 1614: 1666 1668: Manuel Diego Lopez de Zuniga, 10th Duke of Béjar: 1657: 1686 Philippe Spinola, Comte de Bruay: 1612: 1670 Ferdinand Joseph, Prince of Dietrichstein: 1636: 1698 Raimondo Montecuccoli: 1609: 1680 Albert Francis ...

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  6. 06/01/2022 · 6 січня 2022. "Заборонений плід" – це фрукт із "дерева пізнання добра і зла", який Єва і Адам з’їли в Едемському саду. Так перші люди порушили єдину заборону Бога і були вигнані з Раю, йдеться у ...

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    Early life and education

    Giulio Rospigliosi was born in 1600 to the Rospigliosi family, a noble family of Pistoia in the Grand Duchy of Tuscany to Giacomo and Caterina Rospigliosi. He studied at the Seminario Romano and later at the University of Pisa as a pupil of the Jesuits, receiving doctorates in theology, philosophy and both canon and civil law in 1623. After receiving his doctorates, he taught theology there as a professor from 1623 to 1625.

    Episcopate and cardinalate

    Later Rospigliosi worked closely with Pope Urban VIII (1623–1644) where he worked in the diplomatic corps as the Referendary of the Apostolic Signatura. He was appointed as the Titular Archbishop of Tarsus in 1644 and later received episcopal consecration in the Vatican. Rospigliosi also served as the Apostolic Nuncio to Spain from 1644 until 1653 when he decided to retire from that post. He lived in retirement throughout the pontificate of Pope Innocent X who disliked and distanced himself f...

    Papal election

    Pope Alexander VII died in 1667 and a conclave to choose his successor was called. King Louis XIV of France instructed the French faction to turn their support to Rospigliosi and believed also that he would appease the Spanish faction of Charles II due to the fact that he had once been the Apostolic Nuncio to Spain. On 20 June 1667, he was elected as pontiff and took the pontifical name of "Clement IX". The new pope was crowned on 26 June 1667 by the protodeacon, Cardinal Rinaldo d'Este. He l...


    Nothing remarkable occurred under Clement IX's short administration beyond the temporary adjustment of the disputes between the Holy See and those prelates of the Gallican Church who had refused to join in condemning the writings of Jansen. He was mediator during the 1668 peace of Aachen, in the wars of succession between France, Spain, England and the Netherlands. He was popular with the people of Rome, not so much for his erudition and application to business, as for his extreme charity and...

    Other actions

    Clement IX confirmed the cultus of Margaret of Savoy on 9 October 1669. He also beatified Rose of Lima on 15 April 1668. On 28 April 1668, he canonized Magdalena de Pazzi and Peter of Alcantara. He elevated 12 new cardinals in three consistories; this included Emilio Bonaventura Altieriwho would succeed him as Pope Clement X.

    Clement IX died in Rome, allegedly of a broken heart, on 9 December 1669. His successor, Pope Clement X (r. 1670–1676), built him an ornate tomb in the basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore.


    1. for Giovanni Girolamo Kapsperger: I Pastori di Betlemme(1630) 2. for Stefano Landi: Il Sant'Alessio(1631/2, 1634) 3. for Michele Angelo Rossi: Erminia sul Giordano(1633) 4. for (composer unknown): I Santi Didimo e Teodora(1635, 1636) 5. for Marco Marazzoli and Virgilio Mazzocchi: Chi Soffre, Speri(1637, 1639) 6. for Aurelio Aureli: La Sincerità Trionfante(1638, 1639) 7. for Virgilio Mazzocchi: Il San Bonifazio(1638, 1639) 8. for Virgilio Mazzocchi: La Genoinda(1641) 9. for Luigi Rossi: Il...

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    Murata, Margaret (1981). Operas for the Papal Court, 1631–1668. UMI Research Press.
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