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  1. › wiki › Denis_PapinDenis Papin - Wikipedia

    Denis Papin FRS (French pronunciation: [dəni papɛ̃]; 22 August 1647 – 26 August 1713) was a French physicist, mathematician and inventor, best known for his pioneering invention of the steam digester, the forerunner of the pressure cooker and of the steam engine.

  2. A principios de 1679 Juan Bautista de la Salle alquila una casa, en la que funda una escuela gratuita para los pobres, y en 1681 comienza a recibir a varios "maestros" sin formación adecuada para las escuelas. 1684.

  3. Primeros años de vida. Era hijo de Fernando III y de su primera mujer María Ana de España, hija del rey Felipe III de España.Como Rey de Hungría reunificó las tres partes del reino (que había estado dividido cerca de 150 años tras la invasión otomana) después de expulsar a los turcos, asunto que ratificó con la Paz de Karlowitz de 1699.

  4. › wiki › Jan_SteenJan Steen - Wikipedia

    Jan Havickszoon Steen (c. 1626 – buried 3 February 1679) was a Dutch Golden Age painter, one of the leading genre painters of the 17th century. His works are known for their psychological insight, sense of humour and abundance of colour.

  5. › wiki › GoutGout - Wikipedia

    Gout can present in several ways, although the most common is a recurrent attack of acute inflammatory arthritis (a red, tender, hot, swollen joint). The metatarsal-phalangeal joint at the base of the big toe is affected most often, accounting for half of cases.

  6. History. Built by the Dutch East India Company between 1666 and 1679, the Castle is the oldest existing building in South Africa. It replaced an older fort called the Fort de Goede Hoop which was constructed from clay and timber and built by Jan van Riebeeck upon his arrival at the Cape of Good Hope in 1652.

  7. › wiki › OctaveOctave - Wikipedia

    The notation 8 a or 8 va is sometimes seen in sheet music, meaning "play this an octave higher than written" (all' ottava: "at the octave" or all' 8 va). 8 a or 8 va stands for ottava, the Italian word for octave (or "eighth"); the octave above may be specified as ottava alta or ottava sopra).