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  1. hace 5 días · Website. hbc .com. The Hudson's Bay Company ( HBC; French: Compagnie de la Baie d'Hudson) is a historically Anglo-Canadian retail business group. A fur trading business for much of its existence, HBC now owns and operates retail stores in Canada. [2] The company's namesake business division is Hudson's Bay, commonly referred to as The Bay ( La ...

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    hace 6 días · Guildford ( / ˈɡɪlfərd / ( listen)) [2] is a town in west Surrey, around 27 mi (43 km) southwest of central London. As of the 2011 census, the town has a population of about 77,000 [1] and is the seat of the wider Borough of Guildford, which had around 148,998 inhabitants in 2019. [3]

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    hace 6 días · Vitamin B 12 deficiency can potentially cause severe and irreversible damage, especially to the brain and nervous system. At levels only slightly lower than normal, a range of symptoms such as feeling tired, weak, feeling like one may faint, dizziness, breathlessness, headaches, mouth ulcers, upset stomach, decreased appetite, difficulty walking (staggering balance problems), muscle weakness ...

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    Founded in January 2001 by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger, Wikipedia is a free-content encyclopedia project based on an openly editable model. Wikipedia’s articles provide links to guide the user to related pages with additional information. According to Alexa Internet, as of September 2018, Wikipedia is the world’s fifth-most-popular website for ove...

    The nonprofit Wikimedia Foundation Inc owns Wikipedia. Donations fund The Wikimedia Foundation. Further, Wikipedia runs fundraising campaigns each year on the website.

    Volunteers edit Wikipedia content rather than the Wikimedia Foundation. Although Wikipedia is edited essentially by anyone, a 2005 study published in the Journal Nature showed that they were just as accurate as the Encyclopedia Britannica regarding scientific information. In another study completed in 2014 by the Public Library of Science, they com...

    Full disclosure, I am a Wikipedia editor. A very low-ranking one who has only edited a few entries; however, my experience over the years shows that for each entry, you generally have one or two very high-ranking editors who have almost total control over what is published on the Wiki page. This may lead to bias displayed in some entries. For examp...

    None in the Last 5 years; however, some entries are not complete or may be inaccurate, as stated by Wikipedia.

  4. hace 3 días · ccTLD (generally not used in the U.S.) .us, .pr, .as, .gu, .mp, .vi, .um. The United States of America ( U.S.A or USA ), commonly known as the United States ( U.S or US) or America, is a sovereign country located mostly within North America and is divided up into 50 states. Forty-eight of these states along with the District of Columbia border ...

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    hace 2 días · Im selben Jahr wurde eine landesherrliche Botenpost von Bayreuth nach Coburg eingerichtet, wo sie an die Kaiserliche Reichspost Frankfurt–Leipzig angeschlossen war. 1682 wurde, unter Taxischer Verwaltung, das Kaiserliche Reichspostamt Bayreuth gegründet und 1738 zunächst in die Friedrichstraße („Postei“), 1742 dann in die Marck Gaß (heutige Maximilianstraße 16) verlegt.

  6. hace 4 días · Farma je slovenská televízna súťažná relácia typu reality show, ktorú vysiela TV Markíza od roku 2011. Ide o najdlhšie vysielanú televíznu reality show na Slovensku vychádzajúcu z originálu švédskej predlohy "Farmen".