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  1. hace 3 días · Friedrich Wilhelm Heinrich Alexander von Humboldt (14 September 1769 – 6 May 1859) was a German polymath, geographer, naturalist, explorer, and proponent of Romantic philosophy and science. He was the younger brother of the Prussian minister, philosopher, and linguist Wilhelm von Humboldt (1767–1835).

  2. 11/09/2021 · The following is a partial list of minor planets, running from minor-planet number 1001 through 2000, inclusive.The primary data for this and other partial lists is based on JPL's "Small-Body Orbital Elements" and "Data Available from the Minor Planet Center".

  3. hace 3 días · Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington, KG, GCB, GCH, PC, FRS (1 May 1769 – 14 September 1852) was an Anglo-Irish soldier and Tory statesman who was one of the leading military and political figures of 19th-century Britain, serving twice as prime minister. He is one of the commanders who won and ended the Napoleonic Wars when the coalition ...

  4. hace 2 días · Portolá expedition (1769–1770) In 1769, the Spanish Visitor General, José de Gálvez, planned a five part expedition, consisting of three units by sea and two by land, to start settling Alta California. Gaspar de Portolà volunteered to command the expedition.

  5. hace 3 días · Blayney's 1769 version, with its revised spelling and punctuation, helped change the public perception of the Authorized Version to a masterpiece of the English language. By the 19th century, F. W. Faber could say of the translation, "It lives on the ear, like music that can never be forgotten, like the sound of church bells, which the convert hardly knows how he can forego."

  6. hace 2 días · British explorer James Cook, who reached New Zealand in October 1769 on the first of his three voyages, was the first European to circumnavigate and map New Zealand. From the late 18th century, the country was regularly visited by explorers and other sailors, missionaries, traders and adventurers.

  7. 08/09/2021 · 5 to 7 years or 3 years, 1769–1766 BC: Wegaf: Founder of the dynasty in old studies c. 1767 BC Khendjer: Possibly the first semitic pharaoh, built a pyramid at Saqqara: Minimum 4 years and 3 months c. 1765 BC Imyremeshaw: Known by two colossal statues Reigned less than 10 years, starting 1759 BC or 1711 BC. Sehetepkare Intef IV — ? Seth Meribre

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