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  1. › wiki › Deaths_in_17961796 - Wikipedia

    11/09/2021 · 1796 in various calendars; Gregorian calendar: 1796 MDCCXCVI: French Republican calendar: 4–5: Ab urbe condita: 2549: Armenian calendar: 1245 ԹՎ ՌՄԽԵ: Assyrian calendar

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    hace 5 días · State in the United States Tennessee State State of Tennessee Flag Seal Nickname(s): The Volunteer State Motto(s): Agriculture and Commerce Anthem: Nine songs Map of the United States with Tennessee highlighted Country United States Before statehood Southwest Territory Admitted to the Union June 1, 1796 (16th) Capital (and largest city) Nashville Largest metro and urban areas Greater Nashville ...

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    • 7 Republicans, 2 Democrats (list)
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    hace 4 días · The structure itself closed in May 1796 due to structural deficiencies. It reopened on 14 July 1801, arranged chronologically and with new lighting and columns. On 15 August 1797, the Galerie d'Apollon was opened with an exhibition of drawings.

  4. › wiki › Orange_OrderOrange Order - Wikipedia

    hace 5 días · United Irishmen activity was on the rise, and the government hoped to thwart it by backing the Orange Order from 1796 onward. Irish nationalist historians Thomas A. Jackson and John Mitchel argued that the government's goal was to hinder the United Irishmen by fomenting sectarianism , thereby creating disunity and disorder under pretence of "passion for the Protestant religion". [30]

  5. 12/09/2021 · List of wars: 1500–1799. Graph of global conflict deaths from 1500 to 1799 from various sources. This is a list of wars that began between 1500 and 1799. Other wars can be found in the historical lists of wars and the list of wars extended by diplomatic irregularity. Conflicts of this era include the Thirty Years' War in Europe, the Kongo ...

  6. 15/09/2021 · The three dynasties of Bourbon. The first were the lords of Bourbon, who died out by the males in 1171, then by the women in 1216. Their coat of arms are: D'or au lion de gueules, et à l'orle de huit coquilles d'azur Nicolas Louis Achaintre, Genealogical and chronological history of the royal house of Bourbon vol. 1, ed. Didot, 1825, page 45.

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    Both parties used congressional nominating caucuses to formally nominate tickets for the first time. The Federalists nominated a ticket consisting of incumbent President John Adams of Massachusetts and Charles Cotesworth Pinckney of South Carolina. Pinckney had fought in the American Revolutionary War and later served as the minister to France. The Democratic-Republicans nominated a ticket consisting of Vice President Thomas Jefferson of Virginia and former Senator Aaron Burr of New York. Jefferson had been the runner-up in the previous election and had co-founded the party with James Madisonand others, while Burr was popular in the electorally important state of New York.


    While the 1800 election was a re-match of the 1796 election, it ushered in a new type of American politics, a two-party republic and acrimonious campaigning behind the scenes and through the press. On top of this, the election pitted the "larger than life" Adams and Jefferson, who were formerly close allies turned political enemies. The campaign was bitter and characterized by slander and personal attacks on both sides. Federalists spread rumors that the Democratic-Republicans were radical at...


    Because each state could choose its own election day in 1800, voting lasted from April to October. In April, Burr's mobilization of the vote in New York City succeeded in reversing the Federalist majority in the state legislature to provide decisive support for the Democratic-Republican ticket.[citation needed]With the two parties tied 63–63 in the Electoral College in the autumn of 1800, the last state to vote, South Carolina, chose eight Democratic-Republicans to award the election to Jeffe...


    Jefferson—and Burr—won by a landslide or a majority of the voters in each state that he had won in 1796, and additionally won majorities in New York and Maryland. Adams picked up votes in Pennsylvania and North Carolina, but these votes were not enough to offset the Democratic-Republican gains elsewhere. Of the 155 counties and independent cities making returns, Jefferson and Burr won in 115 (74.19%), whereas the Adams ticket carried 40 (25.81%). This was the last time that Vermont voted for...

    In February 1801, the members of the House of Representatives balloted as states to determine whether Jefferson or Burr would become president. There were sixteen states, each with one vote; an absolute majority of nine was required for victory. It was the outgoing House of Representatives, controlled by the Federalist Party, that was charged with electing the new president. Jefferson was the great enemy of the Federalists, and a faction of Federalist representatives tried to block him and elect Burr. Most Federalists voted for Burr, giving Burr six of the eight states controlled by Federalists. The seven delegations controlled by Republicans all voted for Jefferson, and Georgia's sole Federalist representative also voted for him, giving him eight states. The Vermont delegation was evenly split and cast a blank ballot. The remaining state, Maryland, had five Federalist representatives to three Republicans; one of its Federalist representatives voted for Jefferson, forcing that state...

    The Constitution, in Article II, Section 1, provided that the state legislatures should decide the manner in which their electors were chosen. Different state legislatures chose different methods:

    The election's story and the eventual reconciliation between Jefferson and Adams was also retold in a second-season episode of Comedy Central's Drunk History, with Jerry O'Connell portraying Jefferson and Joe Lo Truglioas Adams. The election's story is also told, briefly, in Hamilton, in the song "The Election of 1800". The song focuses on Alexander Hamilton's effect on the outcome of the election. Hamilton chose Jefferson, for while he was a rival to both presidential candidates he believed Jefferson was the better choice, which led to the election of President Jefferson. However, the musical takes creative liberties with the story, suggesting that Burr campaigned for president against Jefferson rather than on the same ticket. It also inaccurately suggests that after the tie-breaking vote made him president, Jefferson used his power as the president to make it so that Burr would not be his vice president (Burr served his full term as vice president). This appears to refer to the ra...

    Primary references

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