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  1. 11 de feb. de 2023 · This article provides a list of wars occurring between 1800 and 1899. Conflicts of this era include the Napoleonic Wars in Europe, the American Civil War in North America, the Taiping Rebellion in Asia, the Paraguayan War in South America, the Zulu War in Africa, and the Australian frontier wars in Oceania.

  2. Hace 3 días · This article gives a chronological list of years in literature (descending order), with notable publications listed with their respective years and a small selection of notable events. The time covered in individual years covers Renaissance, Baroque and Modern literature, while Medieval literature is resolved by century.

  3. 14 de mar. de 2023 · Mid-1880s music trends The Office of Indian Affairs outlaws a wide range of Native American customs and rituals, having begun with the Sun Dance in 1880. [2] Norwegian American choirs begin to form organizations, putting together festivals and other periodic gatherings to celebrate Norwegian culture and music. [21] 1883 [ edit]

  4. Hace 4 días · Timeline of London (1800s) - Wikipedia Timeline of London (1800s) The following is a timeline of the history of London in the 19th century, the capital of England and the United Kingdom . 1800 to 1809 [ edit] 1800 8 January: The first soup kitchens are opened in London. [1] 13 January: The Royal Institution is granted a royal charter. [2]

  5. 21 de feb. de 2023 · Pierre-Auguste Renoir, (born February 25, 1841, Limoges, France—died December 3, 1919, Cagnes), French painter originally associated with the Impressionist movement. His early works were typically Impressionist snapshots of real life, full of sparkling colour and light.

  6. 7 de mar. de 2023 · Life in the 1800’s in America was very different than it is today. The War of 1812 concluded in 1815, and just until then, the United States was going to start developing a vast transportation system, a national bank, and interstate trade. The economy soon blossomed, and canals, roads, cities, and industrialization expanded.

  7. 12 de mar. de 2023 · history of film, also called history of the motion picture, history of cinema from the 19th century to the present. (Read Martin Scorsese’s Britannica essay on film preservation.) The illusion of films is based on the optical phenomena known as persistence of vision and the phi phenomenon. The first of these causes the brain to retain images cast upon the retina of the eye for a fraction of ...