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    The Mildred Bailey Radio Show 1944–1945, Mildred Bailey (Sunbeam, 1975) A Man and His Horn (Flair, 1975) Oleo, Urbie Green, Ross Tompkins, Carl Fontana, Kai Winding, James Moody, Dick Hyman, Trummy Young (Pausa, 1978) Swing Is Here, Chris Barber (Black Lion, 1979) Someday (Chiaroscuro, 1980)

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  4. News from 1945. I usually share these via torrent but I don't think all these files are available on so here's a 1945 news file dump. Plus some...

  5. November 29 – Mildred Gillars ("Axis Sally"), Nazi propaganda broadcaster (died 1988) December 6 – Agnes Moorehead, actress (died 1974) December 12 – Sammy Davis Sr., dancer (died 1988) December 19 – Margaret Brundage, illustrator (died 1976) Undated Hattie Moseley Austin, African American entrepreneur, restaurateur (died 1998)

  6. Præsident Roosevelt udpegede 8 højesteretsdommere, flere end nogen anden præsident bortset fra George Washington , som udpegede ti. Fra 1941 var otte ud af de ni dommere udpeget af Roosevelt. Harlan Fiske Stone blev ophøjet til højesteretspræsident af Roosevelt. Hugo Black – 1937 Stanley Forman Reed – 1938 Felix Frankfurter – 1939 William O. Douglas – 1939 Frank Murphy – 1940 ...

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