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  1. Hace 1 día · Ernest Miller Hemingway (July 21, 1899 – July 2, 1961) was an American novelist, short-story writer, and journalist. His economical and understated style—which included his iceberg theory —had a strong influence on 20th-century fiction, while his adventurous lifestyle and public image brought him admiration from later generations.

  2. Hace 2 días · On September 13, 1961, a group of 15 Episcopal priests including 3 black priests entered the Jackson, Mississippi Trailways bus terminal. Upon entering the coffee shop, they were stopped by two policemen, who asked them to leave.

  3. 19 de mar. de 2023 · The 1960–61 European Cup was the sixth season of the European Cup, UEFA 's premier club football tournament. The competition was won by Benfica, who won 3–2 in the final against Barcelona, who had knocked out Spanish rivals Real Madrid, winners of the first five tournaments, in the first round.

    • 29 September 1960 – 31 May 1961
    • Benfica (1st title)
  4. Hace 4 días · Carl Gustav Jung (26 de xunetu de 1875, Kesswil (es) – 6 de xunu de 1961, Küsnacht (es)) foi un médicu siquiatra, sicólogu y ensayista suizu, figura clave na etapa inicial del psicoanálisis; darréu, fundador de la escuela de psicoloxía analítica, tamién llamada psicoloxía de los complexos y psicoloxía fonda.

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    20 de mar. de 2023 · 1961年 (1961 ねん)は、 西暦 ( グレゴリオ暦 )による、 日曜日から始まる平年 。 昭和 36年。 他の紀年法 [ 編集] 干支: 辛丑 (かのと うし) 日本 (月日は一致) 昭和 36年 皇紀 2621年 中華民国 (月日は一致) 中華民国暦 50年 韓国 ・ 朝鮮 (月日は一致) 檀紀 4294年 主体 50年 仏滅紀元 :2503年 - 2504年 イスラム暦 :1380年7月13日 - 1381年7月23日 ユダヤ暦 :5721年4月13日 - 5722年4月24日 修正ユリウス日 (MJD):37300 - 37664 リリウス日 (LD):138141 - 138505

  6. Hace 2 horas · The Angolan War of Independence ( Portuguese: Guerra de Independência de Angola; 1961–1974), called in Angola the Luta Armada de Libertação Nacional ("Armed Struggle of National Liberation"), [34] [35] began as an uprising against forced cultivation of cotton, and it became a multi-faction struggle for the control of Portugal's overseas province …