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  1. Ang Mayo 26 ay ang ika-146 na araw sa Kalendaryong Gregorian (ika-147 kung leap year), at mayroon pang 219 na araw ang natitira. Pangyayari. 1293 — Isang lindol ...

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    Batakan:MayoKalendaryo2022 An Mayo 26 an ika-146 nga adlaw han tuig han kalendaryo Gregoriano. Mayda pa 219 nga adlaw nga nahabilin hit tuig.

  3. Catapult launcher. The two Veinticinco de Mayo-class heavy cruisers served in the Argentine Navy through World War II. They were the only post- Washington Naval Treaty heavy cruisers built for a South American navy. Both ships of the class were built in Italy by the OTO company, and commissioned into the Argentine Navy in 1931.

  4. 26 metztli mayo - Huiquipedia, in yōllōxoxouhqui cēntlamatilizāmoxtli. [ ocultar] Xitēpalēhuia Huiquipedia tlatequitiltiliztli nahuatīlpan ic quetza media. Ic achi tlanōnōtzaliztli, oncān yāuh.

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    County Mayo ( / ˈmeɪoʊ /; [4] Irish: Contae Mhaigh Eo, meaning "Plain of the yew trees ") is a county in Ireland. In the West of Ireland, in the province of Connacht, it is named after the village of Mayo, now generally known as Mayo Abbey. Mayo County Council is the local authority.

  6. On the 2 and 3 May 1808 the Dos de Mayo or Second of May Uprising of 1808 took place in Madrid, Spain. It was a rebellion by civilians alongside some military [4] against the occupation of the city by French troops, provoking a heavy-hand repression by the French Imperial forces .

  7. El 26 de mayo es el 146.º (centésimo cuadragésimo sexto) día del año en el calendario gregoriano y el 147.º en los años bisiestos. Quedan 219 días para finalizar el año. Ver más en