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  1. › wiki › MillenniumMillennium - Wikipedia

    A millennium (plural millennia or millenniums) is a period of one thousand years, sometimes called a kiloannum (ka), or kiloyear (ky).Sometimes, the word is used specifically for periods of a thousand years that begin at the starting point (initial reference point) of the calendar in consideration (typically the year "1") and at later years that are whole number multiples of a thousand years ...

  2. › wiki › 2nd_century2nd century - Wikipedia

    The 2nd century is the period from 101 through 200 in accordance with the Julian calendar. It is considered part of the Classical era, epoch, or historical period. Early in the century, the Roman Empire attained its greatest expansion under the emperor Trajan, but after his death became primarily defensive for the rest of its history.

  3. Las Leyes del juego de rugby son dictadas por World Rugby (International Rugby Board o IRB hasta 2014). Su cuerpo central son las cuatro leyes que regulan el juego: el terreno, la pelota, número de jugadores, vestimenta, tiempo, oficiales, modo de jugar, ventaja, modo de marcar, juego sucio, off side (fuera de juego) y on side (en juego), pase forward (pase hacia delante o "avant"), salidas ...